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Yet in another sense, the verse fits any celebration that reminds us that with God, all things are possible. The return of the Jews to their homeland after 70 years under foreign rule stands as one great example of that. Matthew 21 and Luke 20 recount how He told a parable about a man who hired caretakers for his vineyard while he was away. At harvest time, they acted wickedly, mistreating three messengers from the owner. Finally the owner sent his beloved son, whom the caretakers murdered.

In response, the owner had the caretakers killed, and gave the vineyard to others. Next: Psalm Posted by Jeanne Zornes at AM.

No comments:. That goes to say that the first years are formative years of how children becomes either an asset or a liability for society.

The Doctrine and Covenants—The Capstone of Our Religion - BYU Speeches

Secondly, the Church needs to continue to promote the community of love. Israel having received the Law of the Lord has the responsibility to build this community. The laws in the Torah have this fundamental emphasis of love and preservation of godliness in the community. It seeks not so much on trying to enforce rules from outside, but to inculcate values from within. Thirdly, the State has the responsibility to uphold righteousness and honest judgment. Again, it promotes and preserves life and the basic societal values. While it cannot bring about salvation, it needs to play its part in executing justice fairly and justly.

Otherwise, God will intervene.


Waltke gives his take about homosexuality that is hurting society at large. I think this very issue of homosexuality has also hurt the Church to the core. No one Church is immune from this debate.

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E God's Will in the Bible? This got us all laughing away. Recalling how he wrote a book in response to a student's query on God's will, Waltke goes on record to say that such questions reflect more on superstition in the magical realm rather than truth in the biblical contexts. The truth is that God's will is not something enshrined within the canon.

It is something that we are constantly living out in obedience to God and his prompting. I thank the way God has chosen to keep the "answer key" outside the grasp of sinful people like you and me.

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He is wise enough to keep us on our toes to keep seeking God. Otherwise, once we have gotten hold of the magical potion of "God's will," we may go spiritually astray. Seeing how Western society has deteriorated, he feels for the future of the West. He yearns for America to repent from their sinful ways. Instead of running and prosecuting the terrorists or the culprits responsible, has the US and other Western nations taken the step to look at their own backyards of sin and hypocrisy?

Mysteries of the Bible - The 10 Commandments

It could have been worse. It could have been much worse. Imagine if every state in the US were simultaneous targets on that fateful day? I think it will be much much more tragic. Who knows? That could have been the end of the world. This contrasts with comments that talk about this as an "aimless wandering. Firstly, the chronological and historical record of Israel's time in the desert shapes the understanding of what pilgrimage means. He compares the slavery and death in Egypt to the modern struggles with Satan and the world; Passover blood with the Blood of Christ; Water from the Rock with Baptism in the water and Manna from heaven; Being tested in Deuteronomy 8 versus the struggles in the Church; and how Israel enters the promised land by faith, and how the Church sees fulfillment of God's Kingdom in the New Jerusalem.

Secondly, "land" is an image for "in Christ. Thirdly, all creation is under God's rule Deuteronomy H On Violence in the Old Testament.