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Our Family's One-Year Adventure Living on an Arctic Island

Error occurred when generating embed. Please check link and try again. Freud would have a field day!!!! The death threat ones are disturbing! No, it's actually healthy to get your emotions out through art, it is possible the child was exposed to violent activity and they expressed it but if they didn't use art the kid might have done something worse.

Forbidding violent content isn't as much of a solution. I've been exposed to, say, Hokuto No Ken for my whole life and, surprise-surprise, I turned out a pacifist! Some of those kids need to see a therapist as soon as possible to talk about their tendancies to want to behead people and for those demons disturbing them.

Some other drawings are hilarious though. Sebastian from black butler. I'm even studying demonology to help us communicate without getting attacked by them, and no ,I'm not mad Drawings are very funny but handwriting in some pictures seems to be too adult for a child. Some of them at least the ones made in classrooms usually were written by the teacher or the teacher's aid.. Often before a kid can write, the teacher or whoever will add a note to the picture explaining what it is, or quoting the child's spoken words.

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Daddy-Daughter Drawing | Drawings For Jade

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Final score:. DenisevonSternberg 3 years ago YES!!!! CsipaiBetti 3 years ago Little Fella mixed two movies in their mind :. RoxanneHughes 3 years ago No, I think he meant cock. That's what he looks like with that hat. ZhenyaJaneSalop 3 years ago Same. Obviously It's A Lighthouse. CelineDufraiche 3 years ago Obviously! Pemberton 3 years ago It somehow reminded me of one of my dogs -- when she arrived our home she got surprised at my mum's fart almost every time.

CelineDufraiche 3 years ago Scary. Pemberton 3 years ago Can be used as a cheeky valentine's day card.

How To Draw A Cute Ice Cream Cone

JamesFloyd 3 years ago This must be a fake drawn by an adult. Tarun 3 years ago Aim and shoot. Pemberton 3 years ago I like "well," in the comment above. It's Her Teacher. Pemberton 3 years ago Did she wear a large necklace? Pemberton 3 years ago The stick with many holes kinda disturbs me : It looks painful. This Was Today's. Lindsay 3 years ago I don't really get what's wrong with this one?

CelineDufraiche 3 years ago Very scary. JeanSchweibish 3 years ago WHen is a shovel not a shovel? RoxanneHughes 3 years ago Now all he needs is a microphone. DariaB 3 years ago They might look like doing that thing, but the picture and the drawing style is actually pretty cute! SmileyRie 3 years ago Do you have any unexplained memories lol. JeanneDeaux 3 years ago This one is kinda hilarious. I'm A Little Bothered. AllyK 3 years ago Since when is an index finger a middle finger?

64 Hilariously Inappropriate Kids’ Drawings

SmileyRie 3 years ago Gulp Chiko Moto. DonnaOades 3 years ago Aww they're cute haha. Martin 3 years ago She really knows how to mow down that bush. JoRobinson 3 years ago Monkey chewing on its tail? CleverFool 3 years ago The problem here isn't what the kid drew, it is the assignment. Yep That's His Hat. Apparently A Daddy Skeleton. RoxanneHughes 3 years ago Gives a new meaning to "boner". Sarah Stewart. Lisa-MarieSaunders 3 years ago Giving a present whilst weeing in her handbag - this child is weird!

LennyDiana 3 years ago That's great! VR 3 years ago This actually looks like the Marine from Starcraft. DariaB 3 years ago Aesthetically, this looks quite good, actually. Lisa-MarieSaunders 3 years ago I think it looks like he's bought candles for his mum for Mothers' Day. KelsiMorrow 3 years ago Daddy has two blue heads Hippo 3 years ago Yeah JeanneDeaux 3 years ago Seriously Group therapy With the other two kids It's urgent! FelicityCooke 3 years ago Mulder?? MadlenaCiapchin 3 years ago Santa is so excited for your presents! TessaKrellner 3 years ago It does actually look like a dinosaur Chaos Potato 11 months ago Those look like fat centipedes.

MadisonRuss 3 years ago How old is he? Tavia Neal. TammyChapman 3 years ago It's sill life. Nostalgic Hyena 1 year ago Maybe that's just his neck? Hippo 3 years ago Where did that even come from?! Chaos Potato 11 months ago That honestly looks like a mutated snail.

Hippo 3 years ago Love and gas A perfect mix? TammyChapman 3 years ago At least this one appears to have arms and legs. But they always made me immensely happy. Or a maid. We reach for common ground: the child tries to act more like an adult, I try to act more like a child, and we meet happily in the middle. But I treasure Daddy Days above all. Last week, I taught Marcus to draw a map of the island with all the places that we frequent.

This is a serious problem in society today. Children need the attention and re-inforcement that they, and what they do and think, matter. So — no childrengarden at all… And there were Daddy days with us too but on Sundays only. Thanks for sharing. I think kindergarden is also necessary because the social aspect of growing up can be learned only when they spend time with other children. The thought of taking Nora out of kindergarden altogether this year occurred to me many times.

I beg your pardon — I wanted to say Kristin of course! I was suggested even to take my daughter to the second degree at school instead of the first. But mother has to be free from work to take her children from one school to another:- I liked very much the school training for the children in Switzerland.

They begin with the children of three years old! No kindergarden — children are fond of such studies. Even the ski on each Tusday in the mountains-. It reminds me of a drawing I made when I was little. We were staying at a camping site right below a castle on a cliff, and my mother suggested I draw the castle and helped me along a little. Two weeks ago when I got married she gave me the drawing. She had saved it all these years and it has such happy memories attached to it. What a great concept…I am sure all of you look forward to each alone time.

Love it…hope it catches on. What a great post and such an important idea. A little artist like his parents. The blog is wonderful.

Love to all of you! Now that I think about it, Greg did do daddy days a lot. Maybe the idea subconsciously came from him.