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We just need a little extra know-how. Styling is paramount. Too often, men come to a portrait session wearing ill-fitting or distracting clothes. To help clients prepare for a portrait session, Rojas often asks them to forward a few snapshots of themselves prior to the shoot. This helps him discover what they like best about themselves and gives him ideas about camera angles, lighting, styling, even retouching before they enter the studio.

Cape Town, Cecil Rhodes, the great imperialist and diamond tycoon, believes that he has only months to live, and that the only thing that can save him is the sound of English birdsong in the South African countryside surrounding his Cape residence. But the birds, confused by the change of season and hemisphere, refuse to sing. This is but the first obstacle for Wills, who finds himself irresistibly drawn to intrigue-romantic, political, and ornithological-in a country on the brink of war. Ann Harries' splendid first novel is cast with a host of sharply drawn real-life characters, among them Oscar Wilde and Lewis Carroll who are friends of Wills' in England, and Rudyard and Mrs.

Camping is simple life reduced to actual practice, as well as the culmination of the Outdoor life.

Camping has no great popularity today becasue men have the idea that it it possible only after an expensive journey to the wilderness; and women that it is inconvenient, dirty, and dangerous. These are errors.

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They have arisen because camping as an art is not understood. When intelligently followed, camp life must take its place as a cheap and delightful way of living, as well as a mental and physical savior of those strained or broken by the grind of the overbusy world. The wilderness affords the ideal camping, but many of the benefits can be got by living in a tent on a town lot, a piazza, or even a housetop. The Magic of the campfire. What is a camp without a campfire?


No camp at all, but a chilly place in a landscape, where some people happen to have some things. When first the brutal anthropoid stood up and walked erect - this was man - the great event was symbolized and marked by the lighting of the first campfire.

For millions of years our race has seen in the blessed fire the means and emblem of light, warmth, protection, friendly gathering, council. All the hallow of ancient thoughts, hearth, fireside, home is centred in its glow, and the home itself is weakened with the waning of the home fire.

Not in the steam radiator can we find the spell; not in the water coil, not even in the gas log; they do not reach the heart. Only the ancient sacred fire of wood has power to touch and thrill the chords of primitive remembrance.


When men sit together at the campfire they seem to shed all modern form and poise, and hark back to the primite - to meet as man and man - to show the naked soul. Your campfire partner wins your inner love; and having camped in peace together, is a lasting bond of union - however wide you worlds may be apart.

The campfire, then, is the focal centre of all primitive brotherhood.

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We shall not fail to use its magic powers. Woodcraft pursuits. By nearly every process of logic we are led primarily to Woodcraft - that is, Woodcraft in a large sense - meaning every accomplishment of an all-around woodsman: riding, hunting, camp-craft, scouting, mountaineering, Indian-craft, first aid, star craft, signaling, and boating. To this we add all good outdoor athletics and sports, including: sailing, motoring, and nature study, of which wild animal photography is an important branch.

We're better than you at everything, mate