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Patten, band master; Joe Dempsey, master of transportation; Joe Quinlan, boss canvasman, big show; Slim Kilgore, boss canvasman on side show; Curley Mallon, boss hostler; Jake Budraw, boss property man; Barnum Davis, boss animal man; Tom Ford, manager privileges; Harry Currin, boss butcher kid; Chin. The program is made up of the following acts; Miss Lizzie Roberts and her troupe of performing poodles; Miss Mirdie Martino, equilibrist, on rolling globe; Robert Peasley, cannon ball juggler; George Wittie, slide for life on wire cable and bounding wire act; DeShone Sisters, tight wire; Obany Brothers, acrobats, leapers, tumblers; George Vanderburg, comedy mule hurdle; Mons.

Goldie, Punch, magic and ventriloquism; Mlle. De Shone, snake enchantress; Mons. Joe Dempsy and George Harris will sell side show tickets. The Mollie Bailey Show inaugurated its forty-sixth annual tour on Feb. The show has been enlarged this season. It will take three cars to transport the outfit, one 68 ft. Pullman sleeper and two 70 ft. The roster: Mollie A. Bailey, sole owner; Eugene Bailey, manager; J.

Wet, general agent with two assistants; Brad Bailey, manager side show; Allie Bailey, equestrian director; W. Bailey, bandmaster; A. Gross, orchestra leader; Charley Dickens, superintendent of privileges; A. Hardesty, master of transportation; Duke Merkling, steward. Larkin, Hindoo juggler; Mike Hwatacz, the wonder; Chas. Houston Red is in charge of the canvas with eight assistants. Slim Friddles is chandelier man. Free's Show. Niles, Mich. In his third season it is the intention of Mr. Freed to make H. Freed's New Show oone of the best wagon shows. The show is chiefly a dog and pony shwo, but is diversified with a number of aerial and acrobatic acts.

This season's program will consist of H. Freed's performing ponies and troupe of trained dogs; Mr. Freed's juggling act; Chas. Alderfer, head balancing trapeze artist; Arch Newman, barrel jumper; Sylvia, rolling globe; Chas. Smith, single trapeze and contortionist, and Homer J. Whitmarsh, principal clown assisted by Johnny Wellman and Wm. The canvas is a 60 ft. Ten wagons built especially for wagon show use and twenty head of baggage stock will be used to transport the outfit. The show opens at Niles, Mich. Henry, owner of the J. Henry Show, returned from Lancaster where he purchased a leopard, a lioness and two lion dens from Wm.

Three kangaroos were received from the East a few days ago. Henry intends to run a one-ring circus and menagerie this season, carrying twenty wagons, ten cages of animals, one elephant, two camels, one llama and one yak. Sweeney, advance agentk arrived at quarters last week. He will again have charge of the advance with three assistans.

This is the seventh year that he has acted in that capacity. Thomas Murray, wire artist; Harry Moore, flying trapeze, and Johnnie Crossett, principal clown, have signed.

Topping is prominently connected, and is going into the show business out of pure love for it. He has some experienced showmen associated with him. Captain Jack Shumate and John C. White are framing up the outfit. Captain Shumate says it will be the best one-ring circus put on the road. Brenham, Tex. It will be called Sanger Bros. Combined Shows. Feltus, John Judge, Mrs. Judge, Wm. Rolland, equestrian director; John F. Adams, Paul Brachard, Mrs. Brachard, Walter Linsley, Mrs. Musser, boss of ring stock; James Bass, superintendent of lights; Ed Harker, superintendent of properties; Ed Tilh , boss of baggage stock.

The wagons and paraphernalia of Bonheur Bros. Show are in readiness for the opening of the season. Frank B. Kelso has signed to train stock and put on a wire act. Dole and Mike Freeman, with a midget, will do clowning and specialties. The show will carry eighteen head of ponies, dogs, goats and monkeys. Alvin Hilgier has had charge of the stock at quarters since December.

Several new wagons will be added to the show. Arthur West will be boss canvasman and Jack McConnell, superintendent of stock. Everybody is busy at the winter quarters of the Ed. Barlow Show at South Milfornd, Ind. Four new wagons will soon be received. A street parade will be a feature of the show this season. Arthur Howe and wife and Frank Deckero have been re-engaged, their ninth season. Fred Warren, band leader, has signed for his second season.

Miss Rosetine Stickney is in the ring barn working the dogs and ponies. The show will carry twenty-five people, seventeen dogs and twenty-seven horses. The equestrian and comedy section of the Sun Brothers new program wil be present by clever entertainers. The riding act, by Mr. Herman Griggs, James Fish Jr. Herman Griggs will be the equestrian director. John Laverne Groat, of Jamestown, N. After the ceremony they received a reception at the headquarters of the J. Eschman European Circus, Mr. Groat having been in the employ of that organization last season.

Groat is a musician and sword swallower. They will both be connected with the Eschman Shows, season Lindemann, clowns. He is survived by his father and sister. The funeral took place at Fulton, Ind. The show has not been in quarters at Guthriesville, S. Honest Bill has augmented his show by the purchase of elephants, lions, monkeys, etc. Besides the usual vaudeville program, there will be prize Shetland, dogs, and the pony with the human brain.

The show will tour North through Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas. Roster of the Mollie A. Bailey Show: Mollie A. Bailey, sole owner; Eugene Bailey, business manager; Willie K. Bailey, band leader; Brad S. Bailey, equestrian director; Albertine Bailey, master of lights and props; Birdie S. Bailey, secretary; Joe W. West, advance agent; Sam Medlin, boss canvasman. Harry C. Fenton writes us that he is about to have his marriage to Myrtle Day annulled, as he has learned that she already had a husband at the time they were married.

Elmer C. Myers, who was with the Al. Wheeler Show last season, has received a new miniature tableau wagon, which will be seen the coming season with E. Myers will have the privilege and pit attraction with the Smith Shows. Both were formerly connected with Campbell Bros. They have signed with the Coulter Show for the coming season, and will be known as Joseph and Joseph, the Hebrew rube and the country girl. McCormick has signed with the Sun Bros.

Shows as director in chief of the culinary department. McCormick will have a new cook house accoutrement, including a new steam table, cook house wagon of his own invention, which he has just patented. Gene R. Milton will be associated with George V. Connor in the management of the outside shows with the Ranch Real Wild West Show the coming season. It will be Milton's sixth consecutive season that he has been with Mr. Arthur Webb, who has been bandmaster for the Yankee Robinson Shows for the past five years, will not follow the white tops this season.

He has signed to direct a band of twenty men at Electric Park, Waterloo, Iowa, his home city. Mark Murphy, looping the loop. Jones Exposition Shows. Park B. Prentiss, for the past five seasons bandmaster of the Sells-Floto Shows, has severed his connection with that organization, and will put out a one car show under canvas.

He is at present with Royal and Adams' Indoor Circus. Preparations are under way at the quarters of the Eight Riggs Bros. Four new cages have been added to the outfit, which will make it a twelve wagon show. All performers from last season have been re-engaged. Nellie Jenaro, of the Two Jenaros, will have charge of the reserved seats and do her specialty in the concert with the Great Wagner Show this season. This will be an eight car show with one car in advance. Joe Berris will be the equestrian director. Vic Stout, who has been with the advance of the J.

Boyer Show all winter, will close March 1, in order to join the Mighty Haag Show as car manager, his second season in that position. Show will open in Columbus, O. It will be the twenty-seventh season for the Heber Brothers. Reynard and Company, trick cyclists, are among the latest additions to the roster of the Downie and Wheeler Shows for the coming season.

Albert Powell, the funny female impersonating clown, has signed with the Yankee Robinson Shows for the coming season. Whittler has signed as general agent with Welsh Bros. New Shows, his twelfth season with the Welsh outfit. Lucky and wife, have been engaged with the Sells-Floto Shows. Louis Von Ingelheim, who has had charge of the horses belonging to J. Miller, of the Ranch, will again act in that capacity, making his fourth season.

Hall, of Lancaster, Mo. They were shipped to the headquarters at Verona, Pa. Andrew Downie was on the Buffalo, N. Several fine teams were secured. Kennedy's X. Ranch Wild West will not go on the road this season as Mr. Kennedy has other business which will be given his attention. Jolly Jenaro, clown juggler, and manager of the Great Wagner Show, has purchased an automobile, to be used this season for advance work.

Jack Pearson has signed for the season with the Wiedemann Show to appear in his bag punching, slack wire and fancy rifle shooting acts. Harry Bayfield has again been engaged to appear with the Forepaugh-Sells Show. Andrew Stuertz, tattooed man, will be with the Hagenbeck-Wallace Shows this season, his third with that organization.

Freed has returned from a trip through Southern Indiana where he purchased two teams of dapple gray mules for his show. Sammy Lucas will again have charge of the performing ponies with H. Freed's New Show. He will have two assistants. Woody Van, veteran band leader, has been engaged to furnish a twenty-five piece band for Yankee Robinson's Circus this season. Fred Delmont and his troupe of comedy whirlwind skaters, eight in number, have signed with the Hagenbeck-Wallace Show.

Tom and Al Campbell, for a number of years with the Barnum and Bailey cook house, will again be with the show. Miss Clara Miller is re-engaged with the Mighty Haag Sow for season , to do her principal two-horse carrying act. Straub, with his trained animal exhibition, has signed for the season with Davis Bros. New Model Shows. Miller has been re-engaged with the Mighty Haag Show for season as equestrian director and rider. Murphy will again be the feature act this season with the Great Wagner Shows in her loop-the-loop act.

Hedges will have charge of the privileges with the Downie and Wheeler Shows the coming season. Robert Tremble will have charge of Mr. Miller's ring stock with the Mighty Haag Show this season. Ebooks and Manuals

Gordon will be with the Robbins Shows again this season in the capacity of press agent. DeMar Brothers, tight wire and aerial artists, have signed for the season with the Bert Silver Shows. Freed's Show. The season of Welsh Bros. New Shows opens at Philadelphia, April It will be a ten car show. Ora Albaugh will have charge of the canvas with the Great Wagner Show, his third season. The J. Boyer Show has been in Texas since November 30, and will start north about March Frank Kotaro, performer, has signed with the Two Bills Show.

Billboard , March 11, , pp. Kansas City, Mo. A new wagon show with headquarters in Lemon, S. Boyd as owners and managers. Both were in Kansas City the week of February 20 selecting their outfit. They gave the Beggs Wagon Co. The Billboard, Cincinnati, O. In a recent issue of The Billboard I read an article on circus clowns. Murray Show; Chas. Show; Jim West, Sells Bros. Knapp, E. Washburn Show, Yours truly, Still On the Lot. Complete roster of Heber Bros. Greater Show includes Reginald C. Heber, general manager; R. Heber, assistant manager and bandmaster; R.

Heber, treasurer; Geo. Heber, master of transportation and principal clown; A. Heber, superintendent of commissary department; Benj. Heber, general agent with two assistants; James Bickens, superintendnet of privileges;; Chas. Faste, superintendent of properties; Edward Green, boss hostler with three assistants; Lew Topper, ring stock superintendent; Frank Ward, superintendent of lights. Performers with the show are: Rollo H. The show will open in April, at Columbus, O.

Baraboo, Wis. Gollmar Brothers will open the season of better equipped than ever. Another large elephant was added to the herd last week and Prof. Emery Stiles is busy breaking new acts. Romeo Sebastian is busily engaged in breakin a sixteen pony act, which will be one of the features of the parade.

Uncle George Holland is adding stock to his array of big teams. Instead of traveling by wagons, as heretofore, two new seventy foot cars will be used. Jack Gibson is in advance, Jess Johnston is general publicity man. New animals have been purchaed to add to the menagerie, the latest arrival being a young buck elk, which is to be broken to harness.

An order for new canvas has been placed. Frank Caswell, contortionist, has again been signed, also M. Bisbee, horizontal bar and equilibrist. The show will carry fifteen wagons and car, thirty-five people and thirty head of horses. The season opens May The Aerial Fosters have signed with the Hagenbeck-Wallace Shows for the season of , and will do their double trapeze act, also their new novelty iron jaw act, which has bee a success in vaudeville under the direction of Norman Jefferies. James J. Boyd writes that he has severed his connection with J.

Nash and R. Harrington at Crescent Park, R. Boyd has made arrangements with the Ranch Show for the coming season to make the arena announcements. Daytn, and will be connected with Jas. Beattie, who has the side show and candy stands with Weidemann Bros. Sautelle and Cecil Lowanda [sic] are both busy in Cortland, N. Bill Backell , of Herkimer, N. Carey on the No. Backell has been with Mr. Carey seven years, and opened and closed seven straight seasons with him.

Ernie N. Waters will do the twenty-four hour work with the Ranch. Waters was re-engaged in the middle of last season. Tracey, formerly of the Two Traceys, novelty boxing act, will be with the Young Buffalo Wild West Show this season, presentng his fancy roping and bareback riding acts. John T. Welsh was in Warren, Pa. Augustus Jones for his new railroad show, which will open in Philadelphia in April.

Ray and Anna Wood have signed with the Wiedemann Show for the season, to do their clowning, perch, tight wire and concert acts. They are at present with the Lisle Show. He has a paying moving picture show in Toronto, Canada. Gus Miller will have the paper on the No. Paul Harrell will pilot the No. Carey will follow him, and behind Carey will come Rosenthal.

Charlie McClintock will be with the Ranch as special agent, his second season with Edward Arlington. George Griffing will be on the No. Delly has been re-engaged as manager of car No. Circus for season of , his eighth in the same capacity with that show. New canvas for J. Henry's Wagon Show was received at the quarters at Stonewall, Okla. A fourteen piece band will be carried this season. Willard will again be with Sun Bros.

Snider, lion tamer and animal trainer, has signed with the Downie and Wheeler Shows, season The Vardel Bros. The Cole and Rogers Show opened the season Feb. Musicians Frank and Earnest Wallick, D. Pearl Stuckey, balloonist. The outfit will carry a sixty food round top, with two thirty foot middle pieces, and a thirty by sixty side show. The tour will embrace the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Three small elephants and two lions have been added to the menagerie of the Forepaugh-Glasscock Shows. The show is under the management of Alex Glasscock and H. Owing to the death of his wife, James A. Morrow will not travel this summer. The Sun Brothers have kindly released Mr. Morrow, who will remain at Fresno, Calif. Robertson has been engaged to manage the side show with the Sun Brothers Shows for the coming tour.

The Crandell Troupe of riders join the John Sparks Show, with which show they will present their novelty riding act. Schepp's Circus will play vaudeville dates until June, and then go under canvas as a wagon show. Billboard , March 18, , p. The members of the company who have wintered with the show in Augusta are: Alfonzo Scelsci and his band, James F.

Murphy and wife, Chester Winter and wife, H. Roberts and wife, Louis Hudon and wife, Geo. McCreary and wife, Mrs. Berry, J. Cullen, James Sullivan, E. Drake, R. Bowen, H. Jackson, Chas. Moody, E. Gentry, Gus McCalister, Chas. The company will number about people this season. Cherry is contracting agent and Louie Washburn has charge of the advertising. One of the best equipped wagon shows that will be on the road this season is E. The outfit has been overhauled at winter quarters at Atwater, O. The show will have new wardrobe for the band and drivers, new trappings for the draft stock in the parade.

Dunlap will have charge of the draft stock; Ed. Snyner will manage the annex, and Geo. Barton will be general agent. A recent addition to the roster is Cameron, female impersonator; "Re Cyns," who will pit his strength against eight draft horses, will be the free outside attraction. Ward has been added to the clown contingent.

Ray Dee will be back as assistant manager, his ninth season with the Smith Shows. Work on the Masterson Railroad Shows is progressing nicely at quarters. Jack Shumate is doing the training, and Ted Sloan framing up the canvas, with Merritt Belew assisting in each department. The opening date is scheduled for April Roster: W. Ferguson will have charge of the advance; F. Kenjockety, director of band; F. Goldie, in charge of side show; J. McVey, trainmaster; Wm.

the book of resolutions of the united methodist church Manual

Shonts, in charge of dining service; "Scotty," in charge of ring stock; "Charleston Yellow," principal mule rider, and A. Henderson, boss property man. Cunningham, advance representative with one assistant; Geo. Gregory, advertising solicitor; Geo. Performers: the Great Ambrose, Geo. Ed Harding has the stand privileges.

Business since the opening February 20, has been good. Bowers, Mrs. Irving and wife, H. Soldene, Olivia and Harry Clark, and clowns, twelve in number. The Barlow Show, this season, will carry twenty-five people, twenty-seven horses, seventeen dogs and five trained Shetlands. Indiana, Illlinois, Iowa and possibly Nebraska will be the territory covered this year.

The show opens at winter quarters, South Milford, Ind. The Humphries Bros. Show, have sold their wagons, stock and show paraphernalia. The quarters of Humphries Bros. The Geo. Ely Show will close on March 22 for six weeks, to make preparations for the season. The show consists of fourteen wagons and forty head of stock. Blackey Grace is at present in charge of the ring barn at Bering, Texas, breaking new stock.

Two teams of black draft horses have recently been added. The Burk Show is owned by C. Brockway will be general agent. After being out of the circus business for eight years, Lew Nichols has decided to return to the field of the white tops, and manage the side show for Campbell Bros. Nichols has retired from the carnival business. Orke and DeLisco have signed with the J. Eschman European Circus. Lottie DeLisco will appear in the annex with her troupe of dogs and birds, while Col. Orke will present his usual act in the big show. Kid Hoskins, for sixteen seasons boss hostler on car No.

Show, will be route rider for the Forepaugh-Sells Show this season. Bob Abrams and Chas. Butters have signed with the Hagenbeck-Wallace Shows. Abrams will be ticket seller. King Bros. Ebooks and Manuals

The show opens early in April. Stough, formerly of the Ringling Show and various other attractions, is now manager of the advance brigade of the Great Blondin Shows. Franklin will not go out this season, as he has sold his dog and pony show. He has started in business in Beaver City, Neb. Hildebrand, chef of Sun Bros. Bowen, formerly manager of the W. Eiler Enterprises, is now general agent and traffic manager of the Great Blondin Shows.

Uden was at the W. Hall winter quarters at Lancaster, Mo. Chief Debro and Thelma have been re-engaged with the Mighty Haag Show for season as attractions in the annex. The Matsu Royal Japanese, jugglers and equilibrists, will be with the J. Eschman Shows this season. Ed Storm, talking and singling clown, will be with the J. Eschman Circus this season. John Pop May will have charge of the paper on car No. Pat Tex Langan will be with the Barnum and Bailey brigade this season. Joseph V. Gifford has been re-engaged to play the calliope with the Forepaugh-Sells Show.

Joe Kugler, circus biller, will again be with the Barnum Show. Melrose and Meers will be with the Ringling Show the coming season. Billboard , April 15, , pp. Granger, Ia. At the quarters of the Yankee Robinson Shows everthing is progressing nicely. John Boyd, master of transportation has his train of twenty-four cars in excellent shape. The three advertising cars are finished and ready. Kelly, boss canvasman, assisted by Blackie Williamson and Robt. Brown, have everything in their departemnt in shape. The big top is a ft.

Al Myers has charge of the horse tent. Johnson has been busy all winter getting the harness and trappings in shape. Whitey McGuire has charge of the animals, and is busy putting his two herds of elephants through their stunts. Cockey Gibson is in charge of the side show canvas, having eighteen double deck banners in front. Owens will be master of properties, an assurance that everything will runs smoothly in the three rings and two elevated stages.

Jake Posey is in charge of the stock. He has just received forty-two head of baggage stock, all dapple greys, four-year-old, and weighing from sixteen to seventeen hundred pounds each. The culinary department is in charge of Geo. Davis, steward, assisted by Joe Miller and Harry Nichols, who was with the International Aviator, in the capacity of chef.

Leo Manville, known as Camp-fire Red, is in charge of the camp fire. Ty Bell has just completed the construction of a new apparatus for the act. Seven new wagons and four cars have been built for the Famous Robinson Shows. Eugene C. It will be the first season in ten years that he has been under the white tops. His partner, Edw. Barnell, will reopen his airdome in Dayton, Ky. Memphis, Tenn. Taylor, 68 years old, died at St. Joseph's Hospital, April 5, of old age and senility. He was connected with different circuses for more than thirty years, first as an acrobat and later as a clown.

While showing in London he was termed a Shakespearean jester, because of the pun she got off on the bard of Avon. He was honored by royalty, and numbered among his friends many old celebrities of the sawdust ring. Dan Rice, Phineas T. Barnu, Tony Pastor and Seth B. Howes being his close friends. Taylor was at some time or other connected with each one of theses. Although he received fabulous salaries during his show life, he practically died penniless. During the past ten years he has been making his home at the Green Tree Hotel.

One brother, Chas. Taylor, manager of the Mohawk Theatre, Schenectady, N. The following people have been engaged for the annex of W. Coulter's Railroad Shows, opening in Lancaster, Mo. Embree, gen.

Ball, chief announcer; W. Harrington, second openings and ticket boy; Jas. Cranor, chief ticket taker; Chas. Williams and five assistants, in charge of canvas; Barney Harkins, tattooed man; Madam Harkins, snake enchantress; the Robertos, impalement act; Lily Harrington, clairvoyant; George Burkhart, punch and magic; Joe Cramer, elastic skin phenomenon; W.

Bell and his twelve colored funmakers and dancers; Mildred Williard and Mlle. Freda Fouchee, oriental dancers; Aueedy Varterejile and Geo. Poall, oriental musicians; Fred Portuer, Zulu chief. Roster of the advance of Cole and Rogers Show: H. Williams, general agent; S. Rice, boss billposter, with seven assistants; Hines Carter and Al Hicks, lithographers and bannermen; H. Grey, programmer. Becker, magician, has signed with Sun Bros. Circus for the side show.

Richards Bros. Wagon Shows have been playing in Southern Texas the past winter to good business. On March 10, Richards Bros. They will also make it ther winter quarters in the future. Two more cages of small animals have been added, also a large two-humped camel. The roster: W. Richards, props. Ingram, in charge of the culinary department. Roster of Lombard's Imperial Shows for J.

Lombard, mgr. This outfit will be a ten and twenty cent show this season and will play mostly three day stands through Massachusetts, Vermont and New York, traveling by wagon. The season opens in Orange, Mass. Terry, of Indianapolis, Ind. DeOnzo, head of the DeOnzo Bros. The team is now composed of Wm. Richison, local contractor; Victor J. Foster, car manager; Harry Read, boss billposter, assisted by Clift.

Clegg, boss billposter; F. Meyers and W. Johnson, billposters; Pete Wiggins, chef. Roster car No. Chandler, boss lithographer, assisted by J. Jenkins; G. Bailey, boss banner man with C. Daley, W. Marcus and L. Carty as assistants; E. Lacey, paste maker; J. Madden, programmer; Al Ruland, R.

Fisk, E. Booth, J. Carey, W. Slater and F. Burton, billposters. Smith, superintendent of stock with the Two Bills Show, who has been spending the winter at his home in Beaver Falls, Pa. Smith informed our representative that he will have ten new all steel stock cars this season. Smith has had charge of all the stock ever since the Two Bills Shows consolidated.

Morrow, formerly with the Al. Barnes Animal Circus, visited the quarters of Wm. Hall at Lancaster, Mo. Parker Shows. Morrow will manage the Parker Animal Circus this season. Salvail, side show manager of the Young Buffalo Wild West Show, is framing up the annex with features. The annex will contain sixteen stages and sixteen double banners. Strevey, ex-chief of police of Taylorville, Ill. Circus for the coming season as foreman of the horse-shoeing department. He reported at Baraboo, Wis. Miss Mabel Kenjockety, late of the Jones Bros. Show's quarters, Charleston, W. Miss Kenjockety and trainer, Capt.

Jack Shumate are working on their high school horses. Ellet, of the Forepaugh-Sells Bros. Circus, is a guest of his sister-in-law in Allegheny, Pa. Frankie Ellet was one of the Silvini acrobats, also one of the Hartwell Sisters, acrobatic dancers. James T. Brown, legal adjuster with Howe's Great London Shows, will not be connected with that show this season as reported during the winter. Stewart is no longer connected with the Honest Bill Show.

Frank Indigo has taken the position as general agent left vacant by Mr. Winnie Winsome, physical culture girl, and Harry Koster, aerial novelty act, are engaged for the season with the Famous Robinson Shows. Harmon and Harper, hand balancers and equilibrists, and Montello, equilibrist, have signed contracts with Billie Boughton's Shows.

The big top of the Sig. Harris' Show Beautiful was blown down by a heavy wind and rain storm last week. The top was badly torn. Clarence and George Hite, acrobats and equilibrists will again be with the Eschman's European Circus. Curtin's dogs and bears arrived at the quarters of the Masterson R. Shows last week. Harry DeCleo has signed for the coming season with E. Smith's Colossal Shows. Newton will again be with the Sun Bros. Circus the coming season. The Scrantons will again be with the Hagenbeck-Wallace Shows.

An organization of the above name has been effected and incorporated under the laws of New York State, C. Hafley California Frank being president and general director; Major C. Rhodes, vice-president and general manager; Fred C. Beckman, treasurer. The show will be handled with fourteen cars back and two in advance. The baggage stock has been secured from Fiss, Doerr and Carroll, New York City, all of which being either gray or black.

The ring stock consist of that formerly with the original California Frank Show and those, together with those purchased by Mr. Hafley , at the Mulhall sale in Knoxville, Tenn. This collection opens at Paterson, N. Billboard , May 13, , pp. Webster City, Ia. The shows Sundayed at Rolfe, and it rained, snowed and sleeted all night, and Monday morning the dressing room and dining tent has succumbed to a bitter northeast gale, which was still blowing and chilling the marrow of everyone on the lot. Under the clouds, with snow on the tops, the Governor ordered a band wagon parade at 2 o'clock.

The side show, with Thomas Ryan, manager, did a three hundred dollar opening, and the big show packed them in. At Webster City, May 2, Tuesday, the same success awaited. The big show opened the program to capacity, although it was cold and disagreeble and the lot a mile from town. Delmar Andrews. Merrill, agent for the Silver Family Shows, will not handle the advance this season due to illness. In his position will be Edwin Gary. The show opens at Crystal, Mich. Harry Beltz, of Taylorville, Ill.

Beltz was with Gollmar Bros. Circus last season. At Bridgeton, N. Levasseur, strong man, and Palmer's colored band, are the latest addition to the roster. Washburn, after an absence of five years from the field of white tops, has returned to the Mighty Haag Shows for the season of Boyle, eight horse driver for the Gentry Bros. Show last season, is now driving the big team for the Burk's Combined R.

Hembling, the oldest and only daughter of Dan Rice, by his first marriage, is living in Grand Rapids, Mich. It is reported that the Great Clifford Circus will not open before the first of June. Many do-it-yourselfers generally in an attempt to save money believe they can learn every DIY task from a book or magazine. There are some jobs, however, that should be left to the professionals,.

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But complications can arise by not maintaining a new appliance or keeping up with an improvement. Anyone who has a harvest gold or avocado green appliance collecting dust in the garage or basement knows how interior style choices come and go. Instead of jumping on every trend granite countertops and stainless steel refrigerator, for example , think about what will work for your home and be timeless.

Otherwise you may end up having to update every few years. Make a list of every question you can think of and ask it before the work gets started. If you go into a project with the idea that there will be no mishaps, even minor ones, you may end up stressed out when one arises. Everyone makes mistakes, even professionals. If you think something is not being done correctly, speak up or get a second opinion. Home improvement projects seem to drum up images of shyster contractors or bumbling do-it-yourselfers.

By avoiding some common mistakes and taking common-sense precautions, you can end up with renovations that wow. Smart homeowners shop around for everything, including work done on their home. But accepting the lowest bid right off the bat to save money may cost you more in the long run. A low bid certainly may be a great deal. But generally it could be a sign of an inexperienced contractor, or one who plans to use subpar materials or skimp on the job. Contractors will have similar prices. Shop based on experience and recommendations, not price alone.

There certainly are skilled professionals that also may be a close friend or family member. But mixing business and pleasure could be a recipe for trouble, especially when workmanship and an exchange of money are involved. Some relatives are adamant about doing repairs, but they may not be skilled or know the correct laws governing remodeling. Some tones of white suit certain styles better than others. Crisp whites, for example, work well for modern decor, whereas grayish whites work well for romantic rooms. Whatever the style, shades should be used in limitation.

Two or three complementary shades of white will be more pleasing to the eye than a mishmash of whites. It reflects a great deal of light and will do wonders for rooms that seem dark, especially in the winter. It also serves as great backdrop for accessories and will really play up colorful artwork and objects. From Main St. Much like paint, carpeting can quickly transform the look of a room. Carpeting can be a durable flooring material, but it will need upkeep to look its best. Carpeting that will be in high-traffic areas, such as halls and entryways, may require the most TLC.

Routine vacuuming is necessary to dislodge dust and dirt particles. But at some point a more thorough cleaning may be necessary. Use of a crevice tool and other attachments can enable cleaning in the corners where the carpet meets baseboards and moldings. When vacuuming larger rooms, divide the room into separate areas and tackle each area separately before moving on to another portion of the room. Take time when vacuuming carpet. Plush carpets will trap dirt more easily than a thinner or less dense carpet, so more passes of the vacuum might be necessary.

Overlap strokes in a crisscross pattern to get at dirt at different angles. Pet hair and vacuumed particles of food can create odor inside of the vacuum bag. Therefore, think about. If not addressed quickly, liquid or food may permanently damage a carpet. It is advisable to manage a spill as soon as it happens to reduce the likelihood that it will contribute to a permanent stain.

Carefully blot up the spill until much of the offending item is removed before adding any type of cleaning agent. Test the cleaning product in an inconspicuous area prior to using it on the spill to ensure it will not damage or discolor the carpet. Work from the outside of.

Use a plush, white towel to blot up any remaining moisture and spill. The towel also will help to fluff up the pile of the carpet. Eventually this material can be deposited on carpets, which then becomes lodged inside the fibers. To reduce the amount of dirt tracked in, make it a rule to take off shoes upon entering the house. Together with steam, a cleaning solution is usually part of the procedure.

The steam and cleaning product will loosen and dissolve dirt and then the dirty remains will be sucked up into a receptacle to be emptied. Steam cleaning is one of the easiest methods of thoroughly cleaning carpeting and reviving it to look as good as new. Many homeowners are quite surprised to see how much dirt can be removed from the carpet by using a steam-cleaner. An area rug may be placed near an entryway to catch dirt from shoes before it is tracked elsewhere in the house.

Area rugs can be used under a dining table where the frequent pulling out and pushing in of chairs may wear down carpeting. Placing a dryer sheet on the bottom of a dry sponge mop and then running it over the carpet can alleviate static. This will help prevent those annoying shocks or even damage to electronic equipment from static shocks.

Carpeting is something that can make a statement in a home. When maintained, it can look beautiful for years to come. Some homeowners take on a home improvement project to make their homes more eco-friendly. Such projects are often mistakenly assumed to be costly undertakings, but there are several cost-effective ways to make a home more ecofriendly.

For example, the Natural Resources Defense Council. Adding more insulation or replacing older insulation used to be an especially laborious process. However, in many instances insulation. Adding more insulation to a home can reduce energy consumption in the winter, when the home will feel warmer and allow you to keep the thermostat at a more reasonable number.

Few people think about how much water they consume over the course of a typical day, but the figures might be eyeopening to those who hope to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Showers seem to be especially wasteful, as older shower heads might be using as much as 5 gallons per minute, or 50 gallons of water during a minute shower. Such showerheads are also less taxing on your water heater, reducing your energy consumption as a result. Homeowners can also install high-efficiency toilets that use as little as 1. Programmable thermostats present another affordable way to improve a.

A few minor and affordable changes may be all it takes to improve a home and benefit the environment at the same time. DC Motor Belt System delivers powerful, ultra-quiet performance. Battery Backup ensures access to your garage when the power goes out. MyQ Technology now with Wi-Fi, enables secure monitoring and control of your garage door operator with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Thinking about an outdoor patio design can be both fun and confusing. You might be imagining entertaining your family and friends.

Perhaps relax-. Yet, how do you go about creating a patio design that you will really be happy with?

Where do you start? There are many design aspects to consider. How large do you need your patio to be? Is it just a small sitting area for two, or do you need the space to entertain large groups of people? This allows for chairs to be maneuvered and also allows for access around the furniture.

Work with a design that looks well with the architecture of your home. Sometimes the simplicity of interesting geometric shapes and paving patterns. In other situations, curvilinear designs look beautiful and might blend in well with natural surroundings. What about paving materials? Are you looking for an inexpensive solution? Colored concrete works nicely. I suggested this for a client on a budget and they loved it. I designed the concrete so that it was patterned with large squares for interest. Do you have your heart set on natural stone? Travertine pavers are becoming popular.

They are actual stone but are cut into regular shapes for an easy, dry laid installation. Bluestone is always beautiful whether it be laid in mortar or dry laid. You can choose from irregular or regular shapes. How high above the ground is your door to the house? If there is a four inch to eight inch difference, you can plan on. However, if your doorway is higher, some creative design work must be done.

You may choose to create a nice sized landing to step onto. From this, a few steps are provided down to the patio. This provides a comfortable area to step onto, rather than just a narrow step.


If your door is very high, you can also add some steps off the patio. The ideas is to create a gradual transition to ground level. Seat walls are a nice addition to patios. They not only provide something attractive and vertical to look at, but also additional seating and a nice place for conversation. The top of the wall should be flat. For example, if the seat wall is to be made of natural stone, a bluestone cap provides a. Think about some nice features to add to your patio. The sound of water from a natural or formal pond at the edge or nearby is both beautiful and peaceful.

Perhaps a special sculpture works well in the design. If your patio is in a hot and sunny area, consider a pergola or trellis for shade. You might even include a simple birdbath fountain. Considering all of these design elements will lead to a patio project that is aesthetic, functional and enjoyable. Groffdale Rd. Playset, Garage or Gazebo Not valid with other discounts, offers or prior purchases. Must present coupon at time of order. The Japanese lost , troops in the defense of Okinawa, while the Americans suffered 12, dead and 35, wounded. French naval forces never rejoined the NATO fleet.

They will commemorate with an Open House, music, lemonade and homemade cookies on the porch, tours through the mansion and free Frisbees for children. On the exterior, the roof and windows were replaced, exterior lighting was added, the entire mansion was repointed with the appropriate lime and sand mortar, patios, retaining walls and walkways were repaired and replaced, and a new ADA walkway and railings were installed.

Inside the mansion, new plumbing and electrical lines were added and upgraded, a new kitchen was installed, the original s kitchen with fireplace was restored, an ADA bathroom was added, and the second floor rooms have all been plastered, repainted and floors refinished. This year, from late April to early May, students from Mr.

This unique collaboration between the Reading Fightin Phils and the Chamber allowed the students to put into action the marketing strategies learned in their respective classes this term. Each team was asked to develop a unique brand and business plan, put together a project board and come up with innovative ways to market ticket sales. Members from the local business community coached them during the entire selling process and then judged. The student teams at both Ephrata and Cocalico High Schools did a great job at creatively selling tickets to their fellow students, friends, family and community members.

Their hard work was rewarded with prizes provided by members of the Ephrata Area Chamber of Commerce. All Scrollers, lathe turners and decorative woodburning are welcome. Bulletin Board The following is a listing of ongoing events. See our list of dated activities beginning on page 16A. Open to those who have lost a loved one to a drug overdose.

Includes ceramic heat deflector with grill and cart cover. Customized for you! All are welcome. Announcements Got Knee Pain? Back Pain? Shoulder Pain? Get a pain-relieving brace -little or NO cost to you. Inch Step-In. Wide Door. Anti-Slip Floors. American Made. Installation Included. Announcements Lung Cancer? And 60 Years Old? Call To Learn More.

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Less Than 4 MACnet has tried to verify the authenticity of all the ads listed in the PennCanNetwork, but has found this almost impossible. We suggest before making any kind of financial commitment you contact the local Better Business Bureau and under NO circumstances send any money in advance. Contact our trusted, local experts today! CALL All seniors are welcome. Open to men of all ages including families. Kitchen opens at a. Bingo starts at a. All are invited to attend. Call commitment. Social Security Disability?

Based on paid-in amount. FREE evaluation! Approved for military benefits. Financial Aid if qualified. Call Aviation largest senior living referral service. Institute of Maintenance Contact our trusted, local experts today! No term From Borrowers. Investments agreement.

Fast Downloads! Call Now! Lung Cancer? Call for Information. No Money Out Of Pocket. Wanted to Buy Wants to purchase minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P. Box Denver, Co. Place your ad in over community newspapers, with circulation totaling over 10 million homes. Plans as second speed. No contract or more information Medical Got Knee Pain? Get a pain-relieving brace at little or NO cost to you. Cut the Cable!

Call for Other Great Offers! Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home.

Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it is illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free numbers may or may not reach Canada. New members welcome. Bring a friend. Awana provides fun time learning about the Bible, Jesus and God.

Games start at p. Fulton Street, Ephrata, from Bring your child to get registered the first night. For ages K through Junior High. All ages. PA Coop Ext. Historic Conservation Trust of the Ephrata Area will hold its monthly meeting at p. The public is invited. Use the rear entrance of the building. Meetings are free and. Are you still mowing around that stump in your yard? We offer grinding of any size stump also clean up and filling in with top soil and seeding.

Call for a conservative estimate. Mid Atlantic Stump and Lawn Service. Upgrades New Construction I also do handyman work to get your projects done! Phone: Fax: Emergency: hinkletownelectric windstream. Stevens, PA Low cost liner replacement, sales and service, pool packages, pool openings. Above ground pools installed. The Lion of the Year placement windows and doors. Greenhouse, secretary position; a silver Thank You! Hours, Monday, mug was presented. Sally is a great flags, eagles, brackets, Adamstown, June 23, 24, worker and does a lot to help etc.

American Flag 25, 7am-4pm. Check out our bargain table. Kramer Mill Greenhouse. Buy local quality and save. Good variety of mint and date. Call Best offer. By Phone Talk to customer service during business hours. Charge to your MasterCard, Visa or Discover. By Internet On-line ad form on our website: www. Mail-ins must arrive no later than Saturday. Refunds, credits or transfers will not be given.

Commercial businesses are defined as: Any person or group normally engaged in offering goods or services in a business environment and include: rentals, items manufactured or bought for sale or resale, babysitting services, business listings, multiple animal listings, multiple yard sales, etc. Heading is counted with total number of words. Total Number of Words in Ad Cost for Boxed Ad optional Call Scott, Free delivery. If interested, contact Malachi at Call after 6pm. Mattresses included. Through his years as a member he had brought 25 members into the Club.

Custom made by local craftsman. Each bed has lifetime warranty, Shop. Wormed and shots. All males. Ready June Lester Martin, Lauschtown Road, Denver. Order large quantities, or Has electric hook-up and work bench. Well kept, like new. Position requires working in a laboratory animal facility, will train. Salary, benefits, hours and position responsibilities discussed in interview. Please apply between 9am and 4pm, Monday-Friday at. Apply online at www. If interested, please fill out an application at. Out of town work occasionally. Competitive wages.

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Effective communication, organization, computer, and clerical skills necessary; human resources experience with knowledge of benefit administration and employment-related laws preferred. If You Are An Exp. For more information and to apply, visit www. Call Martin Mulch for information. Large variety of items! Main St, Ephrata.

Food available. Vendors wanted, tion. Call Sheri Early childhood education Need some extra cash? Morning classes, 24, 8am-2pm. Variety of. Competitive starting salary. Full benefit package. Company match k plan. Get application: www. Send resume to email, heath esbenshadefarmmill. New Holland, PA is seeking a reliable, motivated, hardworking individual. If you have or with our help can obtain a commercial applicator and CDL license, enjoy working in an agriculture setting, work well with others, and meet the listed qualifications, please give Keith a call. Automotive Thinking of buying a new or used car?

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Purses, grill, John Deere items, clothing. Something for everyone. Call NCP Travel Liberty Fire Co, Ruth St. Various demonstrations. They would need to work at least one shift a month, which could include weekends. Includes every other weekend. Also, part-time every other weekend day shift and PRN.

Sunset Ave, Ephrata. Clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, household, purging collection tinware, agate. Vintage antiques. Great finds! Pleasant Drive, New Holland. Hess, Nascar and others, old windows, brass bed, Tiffany style light, Louisa Alcott books, highchairs, glassware, printers, trays, jewelry, household, DVDs, Bundy clarinet, silver tea set, furniture, toys, collectibles, breast pump, baby and girl items, much more. Something for everyone! Your job openings can reach 38, homes in The Shopping News.

Tools and etc. Cleaning out house, lots of stuff. Main St, New Holland. Pike, Reinholds. Greenhouse closing sale. Sofa, queen bed, bow and arrows, bookshelves, desk, refrigerator, childrens clothes, homeschool books. Lexington Rd, Lititz. Furniture, glasswares, misc. General cleaning positions in Lancaster. Positions start in July. Paid time off. Must have valid license. Call Marvin: ext. The primary duty of a Care at Home Aide is to assist our individuals with their activities of daily living while helping them achieve the highest level of independence possible in their homes. Most importantly, qualified candidates must have the desire to enhance the lives of others while providing quality care that focuses on dignity, respect, compassion and safety.

To find out more and to apply, check us out at:. We are a local company supplying the equine industry both nationally and internationally with custom horse stalls and aluminum barn doors, seeking motivated individuals to join our team. We welcome semi retirees for our part-time positions We offer: Paid vacation Paid holidays Competitive pay Over time pay Plus bonuses Call Sam at or stop in for interview. Responsible individuals for custom Cabinet Manufacturer in the following departments. Distance travel mile radius. No CDL needed. If interested, please apply at our plant location Rod and Gun Road, Newmanstown, PA or you may fax resume to , or email millie woodmasterscabinetry.

Twin Brooks Trailer Park in Rothsville. Saturday, June 24, 7am-noon. One person moving. Housewares, furniture, clothing, much more. Lots of great bargains. Carriage Hill Development. Books, girls dance shoes, Beanie Babies, clothing: girls, boys, mens, womens including plus size. Elliptical, and more. Most things are displayed inside the house. Furniture, clothes infant to adult , books, crafts items, pictures, household items, silver serving ware, holiday items and lots more! Between Hinkletown and Martindale. June 24th, Steins, toys, housewares, much more. Financial Aid for qualifying students.

Military friendly. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance. Primarily responsible for delivering product to established customers. Efficiently and accurately pick and stage finished product for customer delivery. Load and unload trucks. CDL B License required. Spring Glen Fresh Foods offers a competitive compensation and benefits package including medical, dental and prescription coverage, K, and additional opportunities for advancement. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply in person, or forward resume to:.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected Veteran status. Great prices, free estimates. Call Tim at Homes and offices. Move-ins, move-outs. Staining and pressuring washing. Call Mark, , www. PA For appointment call, Additions, stone and dirt. Call Jim, Clean, quality work.

Call today for a free estimate. Reasonable rates. Also, roofing, siding and additions. Call Levi, Directs and controls activities concerned with the operation within assigned municipalities and townships. Must have a CDL license. Position offers a competitive salary and a full benefits package. Interested in dog walking, cleaning and gardening. Feel free to call me at Christian lady will do it for you. Honest and reliable. Summer and year round. Call HELP Call Tammy, , Tree and shrub trimming and removal.

Mowing at great prices. Contact us at 7 1 7 - 2 5 3 - 6 5 5 3 , gradealawn outook. Grass cutting, mulching, cleanups, weed control, and more. Please call Matt, Full-time and part-time. Apply at Red Roof Inn, competitive wages. We will train. Weekends a must. Reading Road, Denver. Hopeland Church adult choir, 1 service and 1 practice a week, October through June. Email: pikes3 ptd. Visit uzrc. Do you have construction experience?

Can you read and draw detailed building blueprints? Do you have experience in pricing and estimating general construction projects? Apply in-person at: Weaverland Valley Road Rt. Ephrata Pet Valu, inquire to jbaker petvalu. Must be able to lift lbs. E-mail rings, vintage clothes, amandas wyowood.

We offer k, client matching, all shifts, family friendly environment. Positions in Lancaster area. Join our team today. Call Visiting Angels at or online at www. Earn great money date familiar with cabinetry running dedicated! Stellar and millwork industry. Aspects of our millwork process: in- ly bonuses. Drive top notch shop fabrication, assembly equipment.

Chestnut St, borer. Pay rate will start at Ephrata, PA Everest hour. If you are responsible monthly bonuses. Medical, and hard working then this is dental, vision and more. Send will train. Call resume to Comprehensive benefits. Contact office at broken electronics to recycle. Text to Entry level position loading trash and recycle for residential customers.

Please apply in person:. Variety of shifts including great hours for students or others who may have commitments during the day! Full-time and some part-time positions are eligible for generous health insurance and other benefits! A Plus. Do you enjoy the challenge of juggling schedules and meeting reasonable deadlines? Experience delivering to construction jobsites a plus.

Preferable Golden Retriever type. Can promise a wonderful home and lots of love. Hannah, Fast terns, old audio equipment, service, free towing. I will buy your car or truck. Free removal. Bowmansville area. This is a FT temporary position for weeks. Candidate must have leadership exp. Apply at www. Always Buying. Jeff Gast Courteous service! Call Bill in Ephrata, Includes parking.

No pets. Call for details, Main, M-Th, 9am-5pm, F 9ampm, Sat. Available September. Basic knowledge of AutoCAD is a plus. Position is Full-Time and Hourly. We offer a competitive compensation package including health and dental insurance, paid vacation and holidays, k, and more! Apply in-person at Weaverland Valley Road Rt. An equal-opportunity employer Committed to a drug-free work environment www. No smoking! No pets! Available July 1.

Space is limited. Sign up at younghomeschoolers yahoo. Group will be held at Ephrata Church of the Nazarene from p. Childcare will be provided for school aged children. Shared bath. Credit check. FREE: Will haul away free unwanted scrap metal, washers, dryers, stove, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, car parts, and batteries. Anything metal. Call Mike at , leave message. Lancaster Ave. Denver, PA Light refreshments will be served. Mechanic St. A ministry to bring comfort, support, encouragement and guidance to women who have lost their husbands through death.

Call for details. State Street, Ephrata, p. Open stage. First Sunday of each month except July, August and September. Donations appreciated. Best in show gets a free breakfast! Tow Motor not accessible. Hand pallet lift only. One block off of Rt. Void in Puerto Rico.

Claim form required. Certain restrictions and limitations apply. For eligible tires and complete details, see your participating Firestone retailer or FirestoneTire.