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Isaac Ballard b. Citations [ S ] Unknown name of person unknown record type, unknown repository, unknown repository address.

George Ballard M, b. George Ballard b. Gloucester, esq. Bankers and Agents in Birmingham Left widow and 3 children, Geo. Alexander, Jn. Archibald, and Susan Jane. Org unknown url. Elizabeth Ballard F, b. Elizabeth Ballard b. She was the daughter of John Ballard. Sarah Austin 1 F, b. Sarah Austin was baptized circa at Hampshire, , England. Edward Ballard 1 M, b. December Edward Ballard b. Dec p Edward Ballard was baptized circa at Cowbridge, Glamorgan, , Wales. Mary Ballard was christened in She was the daughter of Walter Ballard and Elanour Green.

William Ballard was baptized in at Battle, Sussex, , England. Mar Fanny Ballard 2 b. Thomas Ballard 1 M, b. Thomas Ballard b. Thomas Ballard was baptized in at Surrey, , England.

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Children of Thomas Ballard Maria Ballard 2 b. Joanna Unknown 1 F, b. Joanna Unknown was baptized in at Corby, Northamptobshire, , England. Mary Unknown 1 F, b. Mary Unknown was baptized in at Kent, , England. Marie Ballard 1 F, b. Marie Ballard b. John Ballard 1 M, b. She was the daughter of Edmund Ballard and Lucy George. Jane Ballard F, b. Jane Ballard b. She was the daughter of Humphrey Ballard.

George Ballard 1 M, b. Violetta Ballard 1 F, b.

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Violetta Ballard b. As of 11 September ,her married name was Pitt. Richard Ballard M, b. March Richard Ballard b. Mar p He was the son of Sarah Ballard.

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Anthony L. Lambert, Rector of Chilbolton. Lambert : J. Tilbury; Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Departments The wafer-irons used are known to be three hundred years old and are kept in Winchester Museum during the year, being temporarily returned to Chilbolton for use Thomson publ. Colburn, "Dr. Alured Clarke Gross Estimated Rental. Ellen [--] b.

John Ballard

Martha A. William H. Recognizes the luggage to be the same On searching the fox's earth The above information is from the Froyle website; if your ancestors passed through Froyle this site is a 'must' Records, Archives, History of Froyle. At Gosport, on view of the body of Thomas TILBURY, a labouring man, who in passing over the drawbridge of the fortifications, near the top of North-street, accidentally fell from the bridge into the moat beneath; he was speedily got out of the water and every means used to restor animation, but without effect.

The jury having viewed the place where the accident happened, returned a verdict of Accidental Death, and that the draw bridge, for want of proprer protection at the sides, being in a most dangerous state, the Coroner be requested to call the attention of her Majesty's Honourable Board of Ordnance thereto. Luke, Brockhurst Mission church to St. John pr: pg. Original report, many other transcriptions from newspapers. West Cowes, Hampshire.

Charles W. Harry E. Edwin G. Margaret K. Alice E. Isle of Wight Family History Society. Ventnor, I. Fawley, Hampshire. Cowes Son. Agatha's Landport, after banns, both signed pg. Might this Thomas have been the father of Matthew? Mitcheldever, Hampshire dist.

East Stratton, Hampshire dist.

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Mitcheldever HAM Ag. The basis for the following tree is from another source old email address below ; no mention was made of William's father, but this may be a branch of the Mitcheldever TILBURYs - note 'George Matthew T' below; therefore I have added the group in an appropriate position; August - November , C.

See also 'Southampton - St. Mary' below. Mary's Policeman, No. Hants Southampton Errand Boy. Woolwich, Kent Grandson [declared twice?

Mary, Southhampton, Hampshire; [b. Southampton St. Sydney G. John R. Mary Kate [Kate M. Frederick Richard W. VOKES b. Emily Cecelia S. Cecile Emily M. George Richard J. Lilian Cecilia K. VOKES d. Mary, Oakley, in [Hampshire], is a large pew, raised considerably above the floor, fitted with carpet, cushions, fire-place, and double-windows, and covered in with a panelled roof. Remains of the old rood-screen with the colours yet bright , are employed in screening it from the rest of the church. See ' Will of James Tilbury' for the Otterbourne families. GUDGE pg. JAMES b. Tilbury m. Charlotte L. Mable W.

Elizabeth A. NB: 2 James b. Colyton, Devon. England lvg. Bartholomew's Anglican Church, Rosario, Argentina. Portsmouth, Hampshire Works With Father. FORCE b.


Porchester, Hampshire. Elizabeth Bone'. Woolwich, Kent Grandson. Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire pg. Ellen F. JOHN, M age 31 b. Ireland Servant, Hospital Orderly. Southampton, B. Mary, Hampshire [Ancestry. Memorial to the Parishioners and Members of the Congregation.

Lovelocks in Hampshire

June Mrs. Ann [--] c. January ; burial: May. Steventon; lvg. Red Lion Lane, Overton, Hampshire. Dame Tilbury's daughter has lain in. Shall I give her any of your baby clothes? Explains that money left to the old shepherd now reverts absolutely to Dame Tilbury