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Molting Graer - In a battle with living rocks, Anna accidentally makes a spell on Graer, which makes him lose all his feathers. The only way to help him grow feathers back is to make Graer a hero. The gang desperately tries to do that, but all changes when real trouble appears. Guardian Match - Quest meets the Guardian, and to make things a bit interesting, they make a bet—if Quest loses, he loses Albert, and if the Guardian loses, the Guardian gives up the sword.

Quest loses and Albert is taken away. Yet, unwilling to lose a friend, Quest alone tracks the Guardian to his home and battles him once more. Nestor's Birthday - For Nestor's birthday, everyone gives him a gift; Gatling gives him one of his eyes, Graer gives some of his feathers, Albert gives him a bunch of different paws in colored paint, and even Quest promises that he won't call him "runt". Anna gives him a spell that will make his birthday wish come true. Nestor wishes for superpowers for his birthday, and after he defeats lord Spite and general Ogun, the prince sees that he can just defeat the Guardian alone and tells the others to leave.

But while Nestor flies off to defeat lord Spite to get the rest of the swords, his powers vanish and he is captured by lord Spite. The gang saves him, and later Anna reveals that he only wished for powers for his birthday, not forever. Witches of Odyssia - Anna has been captured by the shrieks again. But when the rest of the team comes to save her, it turns out that the shrieks now love witches and are making a witch contest in which Anna participates.

Yet, it turns out to be another one of Spite's plans in which he has stolen all the power from the sorceresses Bizarro Graer - Deceit makes a clone of Graer by casting a spell on a frog, hoping that it will steal the swords. After Graer is captured, the clone takes his place, though it becomes more froglike over time. After the truth is revealed, the gang not only has to fight the Bizarro Graer, but also its mutant hatchlings. It was a mix up; the real prince is Bestor, and Nestor is actually a cobbler.

Soon afterwards, feeling unwanted, Nestor considers leaving the team From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Season Episodes Originally aired U. Retrieved January 5, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. Archived from the original on Categories : Lists of Canadian animated television series episodes. Hidden categories: TV. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. August 10, December 28, Gatling knows where to find the Dagger of Way which will lead Nestor to the five swords which make up the Shatter Soul Sword.

They are promptly arrested for stepping on the grass, one of many crazy laws in the town. They get thrown into prison where they find Gatling, a cyborg whom Quest blames for his banishment. It turns out that the town is on the back of an enormous monster, and the prisoners are food for the creature. They escape and Gatling joins them on their quest. September 2, Bottoms Up - Later, Nestor discovers the map to the Dagger of Way and accidentally imprints it on his butt.

Many butt jokes ensue, but Nestor and his crew eventually discover the dagger and free the navigator Way, who joins them on their quest. September 3, Where There's a Way - Way leads the crew into a swamp where they encounter monsters. Nestor accuses her of being a bad navigator. Feeling unwanted, Way quits the crew. Lord Spite captures her along with Gatling. The crew raids Castle Mollux and rescues them. September 4, Tournament of Punishment - Way tells the gang that the sword of Fire can be found at the Palace of Punishment, a dark, scary castle.

There's an annual criminal tournament there and the sword is the grand prize. Quest and Graer enter the tournament. Just as they are about to win, the grandmaster recognizes Graer as an old enemy and he is disqualified. Nestor takes over as Quest's fighting partner and they defeat the grand champion.

Nestor claims the fire sword. September 5, The Trial of Anna Maht - The crew has to pass through the valley of the Shrieks, lizard like civilized creatures. In an attempt to conjure up some food, Anna Maht brings the forest trees to life. The Shrieks come, arrest Anna and take her to the Republic of Shriek. She must pay "the ultimate price" for being a witch, but first she gets a trial, which involves being thrown into a lake with "the creature that goes urk". The crew rescues Anna from being hurled into the lake. Note: The trials are loosely based on the Salem Witch trial in which women thought to be "witches" were weighted down and thrown into a lake.

In that time, a "normal person" would drown, but a "witch" would survive. September 8, Lanze the Boil - The crew begins searching for the water sword. The pass through the giant corn maze, outwit a pair of Loberman Pinchers and arrive at Mr. Jim's town. Jim tries to drive them away to protect his town's dust mine. Unable to stop the crew, he calls the local "puss officer", Lanze the Boil, a grotesque character covered with puss-filled boils that come to life as his posse.

The crew falls into the Dust Mine. Quest cures Lanze of his boils, so Lanze reveals the location of the Water Sword. October 3, Mini Quest - We find the crew battling with a horde of Lipsuckers. During the battle, Quest falls into the Lake of Little and shrinks down to only 5 inches tall.

Quest For the Kingdom Book Series:

Spite learns of this and unleashes the Super Hopasaurus Rex. The crew goes looking for the Orb of the Conquerors to restore Quest to full size. The Hopasaurus finds them but they escape.

They meet the keeper of the Orb who challenges them to a quiz which turns out to be ridiculously easy, except 1 extremely hard one, whom Graer gets it right. The Hopasaurus finds them again and swallows the Orb. Quest jumps into its mouth and chases the Orb down to its stomach. Quest gets the Orb and wishes to be big, but nothing happens. Quest breaks the Orb like an egg, releasing some gas which makes him grow large. He emerges in the Hopasaurus' baby pocket, so the creature loves him as if he were its baby.

October 10, However, Nestor realizes the Superworm is just protecting its young.

Taking Independence

Underground, they find the Air Sword and Nestor realizes the Worm is their best hope for getting back to the surface. They capture the sword and Quest actually congratulates Nestor, for once. October 17, Fall of Odyssia - While looking for water, the heroes enter the Valley of Sorrows, whose mists cause them to relive their worst regrets.

We get to see mistakes from the past of Graer, Anna, Gatling and Nestor. Way is inside her dagger, and Quest arrives later. Affected by the mist, Quest relives his past.

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We find out that he's an amnesiac with no memory before he arrived in Odyssia. He was made Royal Nanny to Nestor, then just a baby, which made General Ogun so jealous, he joined the evil Lord Shadowseed presumably prior to becoming henchman to Lord Spite. Quest, Gatling and Graer rescue Nestor from Shadowseed, but the Queen still banishes him for failing to prevent his kidnapping. November 30, Harvest Day - The heroes have found and activated the Earth, Fire, Water, and Air swords, so they decide to celebrate before they search for the Energy sword, by going to a Harvest festival.

During the celebration, Nestor finds an old friend of his a jester and gets him to join the group on their quest. The jester is working for Spite however, and traps the heroes in a cage made of energy. Spite then steals the Earth, Water, and Air swords and escapes. The group get out of the cage and discover their quest is far from over. December 7, War of the Griffins -Graer gets summoned back to his native land, since there is a war going on among the griffins- and it turns out that he is their king!

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However, the "war" turns out to be a sports event, and Graer was king only for its duration. December 14, World of Carney - The heroes meet some carnival folk who turn out to be Gatling's adoptive parents he ran away from them because they are thieves. The carnies apparently betray the heroes to Lord Spite, but it turns out to be a trick to recover the stolen swords.

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Search for Power - The heroes find the final sword the Energy Sword but lose all the swords and Prince Nestor to Deceit, who tricks him by appealing to his impulsive desire to play the hero. Nestor seems to escape from the villains on his own, but he doesn't realize Deceit let him go- with the 5 swords hidden magically inside one of his teeth, so she can collect them for herself later.

But Nestor loses the tooth, none the wiser. March 8, Mystical Tooth Fairy - Anna calls her old roommate, now a tooth fairy, for help. Unfortunately, during her visit Anna, understands after turning Quest, Graer and Gatling into turkeys that her magic is nothing compared with her friend's magic. Later, after convincing with a bit of lie Anna that her magic is useful, the gang finds Nestor's tooth, but the swords are taken away by The Guardian.

March 15, Robin Hood of Odyssia - Lord Spite convinces Graer's sister who is trying to steal from the rich and give to the poor that Grear, Quest, Nestor, Gatling and Anna are rich, and don't deserve their riches. So, late at night, she sneaks into their camp and steals everything—from their weapons to the dagger of Way. When the gang wakes up, they soon realize that Graer's sister has tied them up together, and left in their underwear. While Robin goes back to give to the poor, Who are really gatlings in disguise as peasants, Lord Spite decides he does not trust Robin anymore and decides to double-cross her.

Popular Features. New Releases. Description "You will never defeat the kingdom of darkness unless you conquer the chambers of your own heart. Now as they continue their journey at the mercy of the will of the River Zoe, they are about to discover just how true those words will prove to be. For each learns they must conquer the darkest chambers of their hearts before they can confront the evil Astra who haunt their steps, and are determined to hinder their quest.

For Marcus the quest itself threatens his hopes of happiness as he discovers that he has more than one rival for the fair Tullia, and each day away from her is precious time lost from his pursuit of her hand. Nor is he alone, for each of his companions are confronted with choices that will change their lives forever. In Part II of the Quest For the Kingdom series, go where few venture to dare: facing the frightening enemy lurking within, and the fearsome evil that threatens to destroy one's destiny. As Marcus soon learns, only the fabulous Sword Logos, which must never be used in violence, stands between him and complete destruction.

Quest For the Kingdom is a 7 book series divided into 2 sections. Books 1 through 3 comprise the Empress Aurora trilogy and the tale of the young Marcus Maximus. Books 4 through 7 consist of the Chronicles of Logos and recount the fate of the fabulous Sword, and reveals how the decisions of the next generation impact the Kingdom for years to come. Other books in this series. Add to basket. About L M Roth L. Roth is a "pilgrim on the path of life" and a seeker of truth. This quest first began when the author read Little Women and was struck by the sense of destiny shared by each of the March sisters as they "pilgrimed" their way through the trials and thrills that only life can offer.

The quest deepened through the exposure to classic mythology and legends, which birthed a sense of hidden identity, that we are not who we have always thought we were, but are each of us heroes and heroines destined for something great and noble. Who are we? Where are we going? What tasks are we meant to accomplish during our time on Earth?