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Personally, I think this qualifies as magic. Pretend to be confident. Not confrontational, you understand, just confident. Nothing will catch a certain type off guard like being fearless and friendly all at once. In their pursuit of fulfilling a type, they were all dressed similarly, dark colors, blues and blacks, oversized, skullcaps and unzipped hoodies, sweatshirts worn in layers, sagging low with deep pockets.

The others were still outside the bus, largely motionless.

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Most people on Rainier Avenue have at least seen me by now. An authority figure who levels with you?

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I ignored his silence and kept right on talking. There you go. And you? It could only have been a gesture of respect at this point, and I wanted to offer something in return. Fresh off the press right there, Night Owl for ya. My pleasure! We see five people, six including myself, performing a basic societal interaction with civility and kindness. Nothing about their behavior was oppositional. Because those people may not be getting much in the way of respect from anyone, and your attitude may resonate. They are not so coiled, nor so distant.

They, rather, the people of the cluttered and chaotic now, you and me included, doing our best in uncertain times. Allen Hurns. Tavon Austin. Jamize Olawale.

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Dalton Schultz. Connor Williams.

Dorance Armstrong. Chris Covington. Mike White. Michael Gallup.


Leighton Vander Esch. Cedrick Wilson. Jameill Showers. Rico Gathers. Tyron Smith. Jason Witten. Joe Looney. Cooper Rush.

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Tyrone Crawford. Justin March-Lillard.

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Daniel Ross. Jourdan Lewis. Zack Martin. Blake Jarwin. Travis Frederick. Xavier Woods. Sean Lee. Jaylon Smith.

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Jeff Heath. Dak Prescott. Demarcus Lawrence. Noah Brown.

Cowboys of the New Age: Status & Respect in the American Ghetto

Kavon Frazier. In the nineteenth century, one out of three American cowboys in the south was Mexican.

In the early s, Texas cattleman had herded cows via the Shawnee Trail to cattle markets in St. Louis and Kansas City. During the s and following the Civil War, they began herding via the Chisholm and Western trails towards the new railroads in Kansas, where livestock was then loaded into freight cars and transported to markets around the country.

In less than two decades cowboys herded more than six million cows and steers to the railroads. Most cowboys were young—the average age was 24—and hard-working men in need of quick cash, although the pay was low. The work was exhausting and lonely. Townspeople frowned on cowboys as lawless troublemakers who brought nothing but violence and immorality, and some even banned them from town.

Ranching, or the raising of cattle or other livestock on range land, also expanded during the late nineteenth century.