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He is the King of France and of Navarre who had hoped to overcome dissentions and permit Catholics and When the time came to place his soul into the hands of the Lord, Charlemagne felt Max Gallo tells the true story of Richelieu, a legendary character and a great builder of French unity. Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu should never have become Cardinal. Devoted to a He was king as soon as he turned five, and he reigned until he reached the age of seventy seven. He was admired and well liked. He pushed back the frontiers of France. He was without mercy with A vibrant chronicle that draw our attention upon historical recurrence Max Gallo, after Jesus, the Man who was God more than , sold copies , drags us into the most novelized tale of one At the turn of the 16th century the world is fascinated by the city of Florence.

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The Republic, under the rule of the Medici, is envied for its prosperity, its splendor but also its intrigues. Francis I is crowned in St. As early as With his concise and scintillating pen, Max Gallo guides us, along with Galla Placidia, the last roman Empress and Attila the Hun, through the very last glory days of the empire that had The Story of Saint Genevieve, the young woman who stood up against the Huns.

Gaul is under threat. Heading up a huge army, Attila has just destroyed Metz. Paris is on his path of invasion and For the first time, renowned historian Max Gallo reveals his life through an exceptional autobiography. This autobiography reads like a novel — a novel of initiation. A history book, a tale of D-Day is close. Freedom is close.

At least, this is what the French are hoping in January But the path to the fall of the Third Reich is still long. Policier et Suspense. Tourisme et Voyages. La nouvelle meute. Les univers multiples 2 French Edition. Le Grimoire Highfell. Les univers multiples - tome 1. The Prison Experiment. Mira: La Maudite French Edition.

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Victor Lazarevic, l'espion qu'on Cette maison French Edition. Fight no longer has a sword. Impostures French Edition. Quelqu 'un que j' aime. French Edition.

Le roman vrai d'Alexandre. Je suis le carnet de Dora Maar. Mieux vaut prendre la fuite!! Est-ce que tu me connais vraiment?

Lovecraft - 2 4 Ambiguïtés Politiques (France Culture)

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