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To read, not to hunt. Lucy Manning just wanted an ordinary life. But surviving a vicious vampire attack has put the young American in the middle of a holy war between a secret society of vampire hunters loyal to the Catholic Church—and an ancient and powerful vampire queen who has awakened from a long slumber with dreams of blood and conquest in her demonic mind.

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I enjoyed the description of British locations and culture and I loved the suspense and the battle scenes and the integration of the Catholic faith. Lucy can be praying to God in one scene and then dropping some f-bombs in a battle scene. If you are a social media fan like me, we can stay in touch through Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , GoodReads or Instagram. I was wondering about City of Bones. I would totally have passed up Mysterious Albion because of the cover art, but your review has swayed my judgment.

You are awesome as always, Bobbi. This sounds really interesting, too. I loved Dracula and Frankenstein, but a lot of supernatural fiction really gets me scared I am very easily creeped out and have no desire to be. Rebekah, well, if you are prone to getting scared it may be a little unnerving.

One night I was reading it before bed and although I was not scared the imagery was so vivid in my head that I literally could not fall asleep. So read it in the day when you need to get your blood pumping. Check out paul-leone. Q: Where is your book available?

Book Review: ‘The Book of Thoth’ by Paul Leone | The Dark Phantom Review

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Book Review: ‘The Book of Thoth’ by Paul Leone

Mar 22, Kelly Edwards rated it it was amazing. It is such a relief to read a book about vampires in which the vampires in question are actually evil and not brooding and pining for some teenage girl. The Mysterious Albion features a group of vampire hunters operating in secret as part of the Catholic church in London. Lucy in particular is a fantastic character. She's not a two-dimens It is such a relief to read a book about vampires in which the vampires in question are actually evil and not brooding and pining for some teenage girl.

She's not a two-dimensional sexpot, but is instead a fully realized woman dealing with loss by finding a determination to fight back. This book follows her training as she joins the secret group of hunters and enters the world of the supernatural. It's always a treat to have a strong female protagonist who is three-dimensional, brave in the face of things that would make anyone's blood run cold, but perfectly human and therefore dealing with stakes that are higher than they might be for those who would have some sort of special abilities.

There's also a very nice integration of British culture and descriptions of various spots within London and Catholic culture. This book is very rich in building the supernatural into a beautifully described version of that existing world and culture. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series! Mar 11, Luka Novak rated it really liked it Shelves: horror , fantasy , fiction.

An american woman visits London with her friend, is attacked by a vampire, survives and is then recruited into secret group dedicated to killing vampires which is backed by Catholic church.

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Now, if plot sounds vaguely familiar it's because it's similar to "Vampires" directed by John Carpenter. Leone freely admits this books is inspired by book on which the movie is based so that's that The book is fast paced but not really rushed. The only issue I have here is how Lucy, or protagonist, q An american woman visits London with her friend, is attacked by a vampire, survives and is then recruited into secret group dedicated to killing vampires which is backed by Catholic church. The only issue I have here is how Lucy, or protagonist, quickly and completely accepts the catholic aspect of the idea.

OK, being attacked by vampire obviusly convinces her vampires exist and give her desire to strike back. But I have a bit of trouble accepting she would accept the catholic component so completly, specially as she doesn't come from catholic background herself. It would be uch more interesting to see her accepting the vapire hunting part while accepting catholic part as sort of price that goes with it. But anyway, this is only a small part and doesn't really distract from the plot.

And the plot is that Having survived through millenia she now decides to strike for power and unleashes her vampiric minions. And our group is standing in her way. Carnage ensues. And it's good thing we get to see vampires as we knew and loved? Leone's vapires are bloodthirsty animals bent on killing and willing to kill anybody standing in their way of doing that.

Which also brings up another minor flaw in the book. While we learn what doesn't work against them hunter's arsenal is either somewhat inappropriate or underutilised. There are shotguns but aren't used. And if you are going to use guns against them to slow them why not use speciall bullets e.

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Or automatic fire to deliver maximum ammount of bullets in shortest time? OK, minor details but if you are going to go in details about arsenal which Leone does give it some further thought about how to optimise it. And as I said, book is fast paced but not rushed. Lucy goes through training, then slowly starts hunting.

The evolving vampiric threat is just that, it's evolving, it doesn't go from "horny vampire picking club bunnies" to "holy crap, this vampire is old and strong, run for your life! It naturally evolves and group's reaction is what one could expect. Overall an entertaining read worth your time.

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Jul 13, Jeff Miller rated it really liked it. The idea of the Catholic Church and the some group in the Vatican being involved in hunting vampires has had some scope of treatment in movies and books. This is rather natural since if you are going to have some ancient evil foe the idea than the long history of the Church fits in quite well. Jimmy Akin had an interesting article on this subject.

Interview with Paul Leone, author of Mysterious Albion

This novel references that aspect of the novel Dracula, but does not use this in the plot. Regardless the point is that vampires and the Vatican can be sort of a fictional match. Mysterious Albion takes advantage of some of these matches and plays them out rather well. While recovering she is contacted by as sister and a priest regarding what happened to her and a job offer to join them in fighting vampires. These groups of hunters sponsored by the Church are off the books although there is a hierarchy in this organizations that goes to the top.

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