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Est-il en nous de nous refaire? Pouvons-nous devenir autres que nous sommes? Et cependant quelle injustice! Le plaisir des sens doit-il donc rendre un homme meilleur que les autres plaisirs de la vie? Et que nous font les suites de ces passions? Peut-on nommer ainsi ce qui sert la nature? Tout fut calme le reste de la nuit.

Que vais-je devenir, grand Dieu! Personne ne lui avait encore dit un mot. De nouveaux cris se font entendre. La mort. De la mort. Grand Dieu! Les moines boivent et reprennent des forces. Et il les serrait, il les comprimait violemment en disant cela. Et il sort. Prise de conscience douloureuse. Tout a des limites. Fais ce que tu dois pour te comporter comme un juste. Ne laisse pas passer une injustice, interviens. En cela aussi il nous distingue de celui, des ateliers symboliques.

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Articles en ligne : Index. International :. Fondation GODF. Pages Internes. Site traduit en :. Colloques du Bicentenaire. Clermont Ferrand. The venue decidedly mixes styles and is keen to attract a varied and international public. They will be able to enjoy permanent shops, exhibitions, the bookstore, and the co-working space, as well as onetime events and the weekly night market.

Besides his work as a very demanded architect, he is involved in a bunch of activities such as the edition, music festivals or hospitality, as well as chairing the Creative District around the Chaophraya River. The art of being influential His stark, minimalist designs have won considerable acclaim and his fusion of art and creativity departs from the Thai tradition.

But his growing popularity really reached a new level in December , when he relocated his activities along the Chaophraya River to the then not so trendy western side of Bangkok and opened the Jam Factory, a restaurant and studio complex in Thonburi. There he transformed a group of rundown warehouses into a complex housing his architecture and furniture studios, a stylish cafe and bookstore, an art gallery, and the Never Ending Summer restaurant.

The complex quickly became a new milestone for arty Bangkok and will be followed by other such projects, like the soon to open Warehouse 30 on the other side of the river. What are you up to? A new Jam Factory? Under the same roof, you will have a coffee shop big enough. Creativity is really the keyword for you? It should be a keyword for everyone. I have never seen anything achieved without creativity. Nobody gets money by selling rice anymore.

I ask what you can do for the future, what you gonna sell, what you gonna do? For me the idea of creativity. Thailand 4. Thailand wants to support technology, but we are not very good at that, we are not an advanced country in technology. But we are really good on user interface, user experience. If you want to invest in technology and innovation, my question is: where is it coming from? I think the education system in Thailand makes people think in concept and not in action. I never like to do things in concept, I prefer to take action! You can talk about things, sit down and have dozen ideas without doing a thing.

Thai people are really good at that. They can tell you a lot on how things should be done, but if you ask them what they can do by themselves… In the rural areas they tend to do more than speak, but urban people tend to speak more than do. For me this Thailand 4. The Ministry of Education is not providing anything good for the country, not only with this government, but also the previous ones. I have 2 magazines already, the third one will be launched in may, hopefully. We have to adapt, but I still believe in print! In this realm, Wonderfruit consciously chooses a sort of elitism that is different from the obvious programming and noisy scenography of the EDM market.

The artists, DJs, musicians and performers all take to stages specially created by talented designers and architects, all sorts of happenings can be attended, and organic meals are served. Une belle preuve que les petites actions peuvent changer le monde. Wonderfruit finds ways to actually demonstrate our ethos, rather than just talking about it. Since the beginning, we had our water filtration system, the on-site farm and a no-plastic policy.

Lectures n°191 mai-juin 2015

Our stages, artworks and structures have a low impact on the environment since they are mostly made of recycled or natural materials. A beautiful demonstration that small actions can change the world. Talent in Action Also standing as a showcase for local talent, Wonderfruit gathers countless artists and craftsmen who find in the festival an opportunity to express a Thai way of creativity.

Our team is made up of creatives from Thai fashion designers, architects and farmers to Burning Man artists, all led by our in-house creative designer, Adam Pollina. We hope Wonderfruit to be a catalyst for positive change. We actually have a formula we use to try to get just the right balance of bands, DJs and acts, all on the right stages. Then the dancers could more or less go on all night long. The Rainforest Pavilion was grooving non-stop and the rave happening afterhours at the forest clearing of the Quarry provided a proper psychedelic experience, with Sibian Mobile Disco as a peak, leading the crowd until the sunset on Solar Stage, where Eric Volta finished the job of turning heads upside-down and go cosmic.

For some European Big Festivals aficionado, used to overwhelming line-ups and forced to make difficult choices, the pace of the happenings might have appeared a bit slow. It gave us opportunities to attend a wide range of original musical. From ancient China to modern times, this textile perfection has constantly been reinvented, as demonstrates the new Bubble Mood collection.

Its flat and immutable T shape is identical for all bodies, sexes, and shapes; it will be up to the body to find a way to interpret it. A piece of clothing with a simple shape and outline, its decorations are those that reveal its finesse, its unique nature and variety and display the social rank of the person wearing it. The kimono reveals its wearer, and in this aspect shows itself to be more than a simple piece of clothing. It tells the story of who we are through the motifs that it displays and the complexity of its fabrics.

Like many traditional clothing items that have lasted through ages and established themselves as points of reference in contemporary wardrobes, the kimono tells a story, the story of Asia, fashion, the body, and our relationship with it. In spite of the commonly held belief that the kimono originated in Japan, it comes from China, where it was inspired by the traditional clothing of the Han Dynasty.

In the fifth century, when the first Japanese embassies settled in China, the Japanese borrowed numerous aspects of art and dress from the Chinese culture, including the kimono. A unisex garment, it was worn at the time as an inner layer of clothing by aristocrats. With its short and wide open sleeves, it was then adopted by warriors, samurai, and courtesans, and then became the Japanese garment par excellence, worn by all social classes. The spirit of Asia was influencing Western art at the time: Japanese porcelain, prints and decorations were an inspiration for Western artists of the time.

Fashion designers such as Jean Poiret or Madeleine Vionnet appropriated the kimono and modified its charm into a fluid silhouette, while keeping its width. From the supreme symbol of chic at the start of the twentieth century, it became an item of urban exoticism and pop culture elegance in the s, when designers such as Kenzo Takada appropriated it and added it to their collections.

Exactly in the same way that it became traditional clothing in Japan, it has established itself as one of the key items of current wardrobes, from high fashion to ready-made clothing, infecting fashion with its timeless refinement. Bubble Mood For example, the designer Olivia Gurdjian imagined a bridge between France, her country of origin, and Asia, where she has been living for more than 10 years, developing a line of clothing whose collections are designed around her signature piece, the kimono.

Removed from its traditional function, it was reinvented as a bohemian jacket or an airy dress, a new wedding dress or a summer uniform. An undeniably nomadic item, the kimono continues to write the history of international fashion without borders, inspired, precious, and human. The decoration of the rooms and suites of the hotel, created by local designers, is organized around the theme of the 5 elements: water, earth, wood and metal, occupying 4 floors each, with fire located in the main space.

It is in one of the Water Element rooms that we were able to enjoy a huge round bath, giving us an unparalleled direct view over the center of Bangkok. Even more breathtaking during daylight, which brings the Lumphini park in full view at your feet, this view justifies by itself a stay at the hotel, so energetic is the feeling of dominance over the city. To eat, we chose the Park Society, a magical and recentlyrenovated location on the roof. It also offers an unparalleled view of the city, as well as creative and chic cuisine that seems particularly attractive for a Thai clientele, under the leadership of the new chef Joost Bijster, who came from Savelberg to bring a modern and irreverent touch to French cuisine, based on international quality products such as Wagyu beef or Hokkaido scallops.

Within this space, the terrace known as HI SO is the perfect setting for a drink overlooking the lights of the city, and for the many social events that take place regularly to the sound of resolutely hip music, as spun by the DJ. SO Bangkok regulars will feel right at home with their feet in the sand of the very popular Cha-am beach. The geometric lines and precise shapes of the outdoor spaces, softened by a palette of naturally-faded woods that blend with the beauty of nature, create a soothing contemporary environment that reflects the creative signature of fashion. Donatien Carratier, the designer in charge of interior decoration, a specialist in luxury projects with an iconic style, is known for his particularly strong decors that blend dreams and reality.

This visionary idea begins with the unexpected statues of wild animals that greet visitors on arrival and which are reflected in the pool, the rabbits hidden all over the resort, and many other surprises just waiting to be discovered. These are the same elegant rooms, which combine classical refinement and stylish and contemporary design, where members of Latitudes team rested after the Wonderfruit festival. These rooms offer a delicate and luxurious ambience where one can enjoy serene experiences in style and pleasure.

These experiences include the sea, the two swimming pools and the intimate spa where we were reinvigorated by the attentive care of discreet professional masseuses. Designed around the white oven that gave it its name, the White Oven restaurant echoes the Red Oven of Bangkok. It serves deliciously reimagined authentic Thai cuisine, like these delicious Por Pia Thod, Cha-Style spring rolls with chilly plum sauce, the Massaman Phak and its coconut foam or the Young Coconut Cake with sesame and pandanus, simply delicious. Just steps from the sea, the lively Beach Society offers a snack menu which is perfect for relaxing on the beach, like the Smoked Fish Tartine or the Grouper, with pumkin puree, greens and caper brown butter.

With its breathtaking view of the sea, the restaurant also hosts renowned beach parties, a perfect place to see and to be seen in Hua Hin. Finally, the Gallery presents works by emerging local and international artists. These exhibitions run every three months and offer visitors a privileged moment of artistic discovery. The town is constantly changing and its charm for artists, tourists and locals alike is growing ever stronger. With parallel seaside and urban feel, Hua Hin has a cosmopolitan air and continues to attract Thai nationals from Bangkok, because of its close proximity to the capital, as well as families generally, by whom the night life of Pattaya, Phuket and Samui is seen as unsuitable for the education of young children.

But this town of 90, inhabitants has plenty more besides to offer, and is becoming increasingly arty and trendy. The environment is meant to be open and a place where you can attend talks, and where children and adults alike can try out their own artistic talents for themselves, using provided equipment and materials, or at organized collective workshops.

Bringing together a community such as this seems an incredible achievement in Isaan. The community members know each other well, because they live work and share their passion for art together at Hua Hin. Seenspace is an oceanside shopping mall opened in , and the complex was designed by architect Akaradej Pantisoontorn.

His characteristic style of clean lines can be seen in various forms in the stores and restaurants, as well as in an exclusive six-room hotel project by architect Duangrit Bunnag that is due to open in the near future. That takes the pressure out of having to sell works. The market especially has to be seen at weekends.

Its aim is to give local artists and creative people a venue for promoting their produce and works, and for earning a little money. In addition to the everpresent food stands, there is also a totally open gallery area, a theater for dancers and other performing artists, together with a market offering work by Thai designers and creators.

The atmosphere is light-hearted and festive. Plearnwan market is a little more vintage in style, and plunges the visitor into the atmosphere of Thailand in the nineteenfifties and sixties. From the small shops to the food stands and the miniature funfair, it feels more like a larger-than-life museum. The palace is situated in the heart of a superb park of mangroves, and its magnificent teak houses are interlinked by a network of walkways on piles leading to a special entrance to the beach. The connection between the two cities takes two hours and costs baht one way.

See page In front of Hua Hin Railway Station, two old wagons have been converted into a library, offering a wide selection of books in Thai, English, French and German. Free access. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, clothes, jewelry This small restaurant serves Thai and Western cuisine with local or organic products and a wide selection of vegetarian dishes. Cicada Market Concerts, performances, danse, le Cicada Market est une bonne adresse pour boire un verre les soirs de week-end.

Concerts, performances, dance, the Cicada Market is a good place to have a drink on weekend evenings. Il est clair alors que la bicyclette va bien au pays.

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A tout seigneur tout honneur, Hanoi. And then, in the alleys of a quiet park, we meet a young person on a large vintage bike. It then becomes clear that the bicycle fits well in the country. We should remember that, in the days of the socialist economy, Vietnamese workers and students in Czechoslovakia sent thousands of Favorit brand bicycles home, as a sign that they had seen the world.

The capital lends itself well to discovery by cyclists. Ebooks and Manuals

Of course, you have to deal with traffic, but you soon learn to feel it and live with it. With its tree-bordered avenues, small streets, and Third Republic-style facades, the former colonial sector is surprising by its feeling of a French Province on the Red River. As well as people of all ages practicing the slow movements of tai chi. Later, in the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, we greet the founder of modern Vietnam, who turned the bicycle into an instrument of liberation: in the temple of literature, we realize what the.


The karstic landscapes of the Van Long nature reserve are admirable, with their high rocky peaks dressed in dark green. At the foot of these colossi, irrigation canals shine in their geometric patterns through mimosa-colored rice fields. The hydrographic is such that it is possible to get around in a boat, but to really enter into the intimacy of the countryside, nothing is worth a bike ride on roads and dikes.

The birds are very numerous in these areas, and spotting a group taking flight over the water is an unforgettable spectacle. The most prestigious sites are, like the others, bikecompatible. The impressive citadel on the banks of the Perfume River contained the Forbidden Purple City, reserved for the Emperor. Severely damaged during the Tet offensive in , it nevertheless retains a lot of its grandeur and a true imperial dignity. From another imperial spirit comes the Lycee Quoc Hoc, built in by the French.

Finally, having left our bicycle along a wall or at a nearby tree, we remove our helmets and sit in at a stall for some vivifying Pho soup. In principle, cyclists are well-versed in street food: the physical efforts they make permitting them to enjoy it without scruple, and to taste everything that allows them to leave without leaning on the houses.

Faster than pedestrians, slower than drivers, cyclists have the right speed to see everything and go on their way without missing a beat. The diversity brought to it by Asian and European merchants has been well-preserved. Although its heyday is obviously past, business is still done in its shops, on the quays and in the sampans. Visitors can see the city at their leisure and begin to feel a bit Vietnamese.

The old buildings have a charming patina: the Japanese pagoda bridge from the end of the 16th century is delightful. The village well-deserves its registration as a World Heritage Site. In the estuary, locals fish with plaices or sparrowhawks.

Latitudes 2 by LATITUDES - Issuu

Rice fields, corn fields, bamboo groves and palm trees border the roads. Here, carpenters assemble sampans, while over there, craftsmen make mats or vegetable screens. At the end of the day, back in Hoi An, we stop on the old quay and watch the sunset over the river: quiet and golden.

Pourtant, dans toute cette agitation, passent des cyclistes subtils. Le ciel est souvent gris et la chaleur de plomb. The Vespa reigns unopposed in the general congestion. The new Saigon bourgeoisie is not only petulant but also querulous. To find it in its hip lairs, motors become necessary. Night markets are hardly more favorable. And yet, in all this agitation, there remain a few subtle and stoic, generally elderly, cyclists.

We are tempted to reach out to them to create a bridge between generations, between worlds. But immediately, a motorbike intrudes whirlwind-like and carries away any inclinations to fraternization. That said, if any wanderlust still remains, there is the Mekong Delta.

Master class Tal Ben Shahar sur le bonheur: De l'auto-discipline aux rituels

From the water emerge a few spots of practicable ground. The sky is often gray and the heat is oppressive. What gives its flat region its depth is a true majesty. On both sides of the road are rice fields and orchards. Well-adapted to the spongy geography, the inhabitants take advantage of the water and the alluvial plains — cereal, vegetable crops and fruits all vie for our. Although they are not made up of stationary stalls, but rather of gatherings of boats, the markets are no less rich in diversity, boasting reticulated corossoliers, mangoes, grapefruits, and a rich variety of other products.

Beyond is the South China Sea. From Hanoi to the Mekong, Vietnam is favorable to cyclists. It offers them much, and suggests to them even more, whether they are true sportspeople or dilettantes on handlebars. Suddenly, by the sea, we hesitate: to return, to go to China, this legendary country with its clouds of bicycles, or perhaps, to Cambodia, to pedal in Angkor.

The absolute tranquility of the soul - this is what Aix harbors when the crowds of tourists from the mainland, returning from their trips, finally leave this haven at peace. They are casemates, now covered by thick grasses and bushy tamarisks. The small town that houses fewer than inhabitants per year is bounded by imposing ramparts and proud drawbridges spanning deep and broad moats: a small citadel full of history.

By gazing upon this island from the Pierre Loti the boat that travels between Fouras and Aix every day , you understand why Emperor Napoleon wanted to retire there. It is an oasis that inspires confidence and security from the start, far, far away from the din and the shambles. And if the child who was Napoleon, still unknown to the world, took his first steps on Corsica, the largest island in France, it is indeed the illustrious emperor who set foot on this tiny plot surrounded by the tides, thus treading for the last time on French soil before his exile to Saint Helena, where his fate awaited him.

Today, there is a museum dedicated to him that constitutes one of the main tourist attractions. Off the coast of the island, you can just catch sight of the mythical Fort Boyard, a former prison of the French army, hosting the rebels from La Commune on 19th century, abandoned to the water like the wreck of a ghost ship frozen in time. Only after its purchase in the early s, thanks to its game show and daring participants, did it become notorious. To the delight of tourists, who are now familiar with its name, the ferries coming from La Rochelle do not hesitate to gravitate toward it for a few moments.

Du moins, durant la basse saison. Car on ne peut pas en dire autant de la saison estivale. Nowadays, the same calm reigns over the island, this land where no car runs and disturbs the silence of nature. The same cannot be said about the summer season.

Indeed, the hot days of July and August attract floods of tourists every day who crowd and pack the several ferries from La Rochelle and Fouras. However, they miss out on the true charm of the island, namely, the unshakeable silence brought by dusk. Once the visitors have returned to their homes, only a few vacationers remain, having been accustomed to the island for so long that they feel at home there, as well as the true islanders, the Aixois, recognizable by the serenity they give off as they nonchalantly pedal through the colorful streets, between the mauve and the azure of the homes that the hollyhocks enamel.

After three consecutive yacht shows, Phuket has proved to be a must for luxury lovers. From The Persuaders! But, beyond our fascination with these extraordinary cars, the fact remains that you will have to spend between 4 and 35 million Baht to get your hands on one of these crown jewels…. Roger Moore, a. Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders! Today, in its new Phuket showroom, Aston Martin proudly exhibits its new DB11, a figurehead for the manufacturer from Gaydon, and showing the advent of a new era for the brand.

The model was so coveted that a DB sold in for 2. Out of only 10 models created, 8 were modified for the movie and 2 were preserved as exhibition models, only one of which was finally auctioned. It sold in February for 2,, pounds, or 2,, euros. So British! Compter environ 35 millions de bahts. A comfortable lounge area and a customization workshop allow customers to unleash their imagination and configure their dream car: mixing the types of wood, matching different leathers and finishes, and choosing from a color chart of 44, colors.

You will remain speechless when you see the massive, sporty, sophisticated and elegant Dawn convertible sedan. It costs approximately 35 million Baht. The prestigious Wraith two-tone coupe is also a true work of art. Nothing is left to chance. It is not only the most technologically advanced, but also the most powerful model in the history of Rolls-Royce. Avec sa silhouette de science-fiction, elle attend les fans de Mission Impossible et de Tom Cruise. For With her science fiction silhouette, she awaits fans of the Mission Impossible series and of Tom Cruise. However, you could still purchase the wonderful Z4 for 4 million Baht, or an M2 coupe for only 6 million Baht.

Compter 5 millions de bahts. They boast stunning performance and the feelings felt at their steering wheel are comparable to those of a racing circuit. Expect 5 million Baht. Avec des promotions quotidiennes et hebdomadaires, les prix restent raisonnables. As an amateur, it is something that you have to get a good feeling about and unlike some other top courses where it is a daunting task to take on these beasts, Red Mountain staff makes you feel right at ease upon check-in.

The restaurant and terrace overlooking the 18th tee to green serves just the right mix of Thai and Western cuisine and plenty of cold refreshing drinks, with daily and weekly specials on offer which are always reasonably priced. A great way to set you up for an exciting round of golf. In Asia, caddies are always on hand to guide you through the rigors of the courses and Red Mountain Caddies are well known for their knowledge of the course with thorough training given to them all before they are let loose on us golfing predators. You want to play seriously, they will be cool and professional in their advice and if you are the kind to enjoy a bit of banter, they can be jovial and very entertaining in their advice for the.

The equally picturesque Par 5 second is an easily playable birdie opportunity if your drive and second shots get you past the dogleg right bend to green. The third Par 3 is a challenging little gem, but you need to hit bigger than you expect to get over the rugged ravine between tee and green. The first of the rest stops follows, which will give you a most welcome breather and a refreshing cold towel immediately passed to you from the friendly kiosk-serving lady, to wipe away those beads of sweat that just dripped in your eyes on the third green.

The Par 5 forth is another relatively easy birdie opportunity or if you are a good chipper, then eagles can be achieved too! Le trou 13 est un briseur de carte. Rest stop two sits above the green and is just as welcoming as the last stop. As we travel up the Red Mountain at back of the first, we reach the last of the front nine holes and again is a truly picturesque hole with the clubhouse above the Par 4, 9th green.

Grab an ice cream, a cold towel and chill out watching the fish swim below, while taking a much needed break for those weary feet. The back nine starts with a very interesting Par 4, 10th which if not careful could start you off on the wrong end of a double bogey. Play it. Sit down on the terrace as sun sets in the afternoon with a cold one and relive loudly with your playing partners about the missed shots, the caddy commenting about your game and just overall enjoyment of the round. Hole 11 is another relatively straightforward dogleg right Par 4, but think carefully which club is going to get you to the green, because over hit and you will lose the ball in the trees.

Play it safe down the left and get round the difficult and dramatically overgrown tree, which takes out the second or third shot to the green and you could walk away with Par or Bogey, Birdie it and it could change the closing stages of your round. Another rest stop before taking on what will be. Enfin, arrive la conclusion du parcours. Hole 13 is a card wrecker in the making, drive it down the middle and you will be left with an extremely tough choice to either go for it or lay up on the left. You have either got the head up or feeling a bit deflated before taking on the next equally as difficult 14th, Par 3 with pin placement crucial in your choice of club.

A water and bunker protected green awaits you, it could be a reload from the tee. The long winding drive after those last two holes allows you to recap with your caddy about why you never listen. From now on, you will. After arriving at what is starting to feel like you are being driven up Mount Everest, the 15th is the least favorite of our holes and we dread seeing our scorecards after this Par 4.

Left or right or indeed over hitting and danger will have you at the drop zone playing three to the green, very easily. Play safe and you will get the result you need to keep you on track. The climb to the last rest stop has you sitting, as if piloting the space shuttle as you traverse and wind your way up to reach the highest point of the course.

After taking in the sights surrounding this amazing Par 4, 16th you will be tempted to play the risk and reward shot, however, if you are a golfer who is seeking to keep the respectable score you have so far managed to accumulate, you should play it safe down the left leaving you with a yard second to the elevated green.

As you drive through the trees to the 17th, we would advise the caddy to load up with two or three extra balls as, from the moment you step on to the tee, you will want to hit as many balls as you can to this signature hole Par 3 elevated yards above the postage stamp green. Birdie, Par or Bogey, you will walk away from the green satisfied that this was one of the most memorable rounds you have experienced, not only in Phuket or Thailand, but all of Asia and if you have kept it respectable, a scorecard to post on your Facebook page.

The course has been cleverly routed to take advantage of a huge variety of landforms and dizzying elevation changes. There, female artists have monthly meetings to share their experiences, desires, and ideas around a theme. She offers customized essential accessories such as unique shoes, jewelry, or purses by her own brand, Rosebud.

The goal is to reflect the personality and mood of those who wear them. According to Armelle, the concept of unique objects comes from the world of art, which she knows well since she is involved with finding new talent for the Galerie Adler. For her, this idea of the exceptionality and rarity linked to the individual establishes a new way to think about consumption, escape brand tyranny, and reappropriate fashion.