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Definitely reading the next book which is the final installment. View all 4 comments. Jul 27, Irida rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite. I loved it!!! With such cliffhanger I wish August would come sooner!! Great writing, hot story and a lot of mystery and drama!! Loved Hannah, loved Jackson!! Can't wait for book 4! LOVE this book. This book was one of the best in the series. This is where the truth about Hannah's real identity is exposed. This is where Jackson must make a choice. The book is full of drama, lust, passion, danger and love.

Will our dysfunctional couple be together and will Jackson ever abandon his quest for revenge against Harley?? I must admit that Hannah is one of my favourite heroines ever. Her generosity and love are simply awe inspiring. Jackson is dark but under the surface there i Wow. Jackson is dark but under the surface there is a hurt man who seeks something he never had with a woman; love and acceptance. I loved this fast paced book.

The couple's chemistry was simply amazing and the storyline addictive. Eager to read the next book. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Jul 12, Emily Mrs B's Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: novella , arc , erotic , adult , romance. Hannah and Jackson have a chemistry that leaps off the page. Yes, Jackson can act like an add, yes he has his problems, but he can also be sweet and admit when he is wrong. The man still has a conscience but doesn't realize that all is not lost.

Hannah can see past his facade to the man hidden deep within, she is a strong woman and helps him even when he is being difficult. There is a he'll of a cliff hanger but some of the previous unanswered questions have been answered, but others have cropped up. I can't wait to see what happens next!! Things are sooooooooo crazy! Jackson discovers his dad is not the man he pretended to be, things are not what they seem with Hannah I gotta stop! Dying to get to last installment!

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Sep 04, Maureen Nicholson rated it really liked it Shelves: rich-alpha , dual-pov , dirty-talker , sizzling-series , erotic. This is the third part in the Bought By the Billionaire series and damn Each part has been brought new pieces to this crazy puzzle and I love it. They all end in an epic cliffhanger but Lili has the next part quickly so there isn't too much time to wait.

Thank God. Jackson and Hannah's relationship gets turned up a notch but not always in a good way. Jackson still needs Hannah to give him information that she is not willing to give up easily. Someone is still after her fami This is the third part in the Bought By the Billionaire series and damn Someone is still after her family and she can't fully trust anyone, not even the man she claims to love. Jackson cares for Hannah and doesn't want to see her get hurt unless there is pleasure afterwards that is but he needs to uncover the truth.

And because of that he also knows he could never be good enough for Hannah. He could never love her the way she deserves. He could never make her fully happy. He is torn between revenge and love Hannah won't give up on Jackson. She knows deep down he doesn't have a cold heart and could be happy but could she trust him with her secret? Will his need for revenge outweigh his emotions for her? I can't get enough of these two. Jackson is all alpha and can do some cruel, fucked up shit but deep down he has a heart and could be sweet, Hannah just needs to find the balance.

Hannah is strong, a fighter and won't give up but some things are impossible. Is this one of them? I am so excited for Divine Domination, the conclusion to this mysterious and sexy rollercoaster ride. In real life, the monster drags you down to hell with him and you burn there. But between love and hate only one had felt true and now only one decision felt like the right one.

Sep 06, BooksandBeyondFiftyShades rated it it was amazing. The strong feelings she has for Jackson cannot compete with her need for freedom. However, Hannah is not meant for freedom. Jackson scoops her back to where he thinks she belongs: with him. Can Hannah and Jackson make it work once all their secrets are out in the open? Or will new secrets tear them apart once more? I have to admit I was shocked when Hannah took the opportunity to run from Jackson. At the end of book 2, I really thought she was just going to tell him the truth, before he found out for himself.

The chemistry between Hannah and Jackson has such a push and pull, that I honestly had no idea where they would end up. Once the air is cleared, Hannah and Jackson's feelings become much more intense. I didn't think the passion could get any hotter, but boy does it ever! As much as Jackson tells Hannah he is no good for her, she will not give up on him. I am sure we can all relate to that one bad boy that we just cannot get enough of.

Lili Valenti has the ability to totally throw you for a loop just when you think you have it all figured out. Not in a million years did I ever picture the ending of this book happening! Honestly, I have no idea what is going to happen in book 4, but I cannot wait to see what Lili Valenti has in store for us.

If you have not taken a chance on this series yet, you should. You will not be disappointed!! Jul 08, Janice rated it it was amazing. They belong together and she's determined to show Jackson she can love every part of him - light and dark, cruel and gentle, lost soul and Dominant man. I was so excited to get the next book in Hannah and Jackson's story. In the last book, Hannah catches sight of the cage, while Jackson is off taking a phone call and she makes a split second decision to run. Of course, we all know that she can't get far and that Jackson will most likely catch her, but she doesn't know that he just found out she isn't Harley.

Lile definitely has a way of telling a story that pulls you into it and doesn't let you go until the final word is read. Now to anxiously await the ending of the story which I am sure will be well worth the wait. I almost have no words to describe this 3 book in the series. These characters have become so complex and real that I'm incredibly invested in their lives and their future and so happy that this wasn't the end! Desperate Domination picks up where Deep Domination ended. Hannah suddenly became afraid what Jackson was going to do to her and she ran.

Not knowing where she's going or what the consequences wi I love cliffhangers and I'm quickly seeing that Lili Valente is the Queen of the Cliffhanger! Not knowing where she's going or what the consequences will be, she's afraid for her life one way or another but can't turn off the feelings that she has for Jackson. She wants him to see the good in himself that she sees in him.

Jackson still needs information out of Hannah, but now that he's become so involved with her, his end game has possibly changed. Can Hannah make Jackson see the truth before it's too late? Will Jackson let himself believe that he deserves to be happy? I can't wait for the final book, Divine Domination!

From now on you tell me the truth or I will show you how mean and crazy I can be.

Care Bears - Time to Play, With Funshine

Let her mark him. Let her bleed him, so long as she came begging him for more. Feb 15, Sharon Mariampillai rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars , must-read , reads , boyfriend-material , e-books , romance , tbr-finished , books-i-have , suspense , contemporary. This was an amazing read.

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The story of Jackson and Hannah continues right where part two left off. The story was filled with suspense and was very interesting. The characters were better as the story went on.

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Jackson is more open in some ways. Hannah is more independent. However, their strengths as individuals makes them that much more compelling when they are together. They have unbelievable chemistry. This book proves that you should not hide your feelings. The ending was a cliffhanger. Howeve This was an amazing read. However, it is making me wonder how Book 4 - Divine Domination will go. Overall, an incredible read. Jul 02, Nicky rated it it was amazing. The truth about Hanna's true identity is revealed and Jackson now has to figure out how to handle his emotions since he has spent the last 6 years plotting revenge.

Hannah is in love with him and is trying to win him over to her side. Love the twists and turns. Can't wait for the conclusion! Aug 08, Nikki Malan rated it it was amazing. Desperate Domination Book 3 by Lili Valente This is another 5 starts for this author — wow, you have me spell bounded.

I did not think that every book could be better than the previous, but surprisingly they are. The story just keeps getting stronger and better. The cracks are starting to show, the lies are unfolding and truths are coming out. Trust is the question, can Jackson and Hannah trust each other. Hannah character is strong even though she is a natural submissive. Jackson goodness is s Desperate Domination Book 3 by Lili Valente This is another 5 starts for this author — wow, you have me spell bounded.

Jackson goodness is starting to shine through due to Hannah. She finally confesses her feelings for him. When the past rears its ugly head and threatens Hannah life, will Jackson be able to save her. However the delivery sometimes felt clunky, there were parts of severe info dumping that kind of took away from the flow of the book. I felt it would have been better served to have had Jenny discover the information the way she did with the Starlight tours scene rather than looking it up online and having it thrown at the reader. It would have had more impact coming from character driven interaction rather than just being thrown out there.

I did enjoy reading the book as a whole especially given the general content being something that the book world desperately needs to read. The simple idea of a country as a whole sweeping an entire group of people under the rug and hardly anyone gives notice is horrible. It is absolutely something very important that we as a people need to bring attention to and this book does that fairly well.

I occasionally felt that the narrative lacked flow and seemed to just have things happen for the sake of it such as Jenny's "romance" and the story would have probably benefitted without that there. A platonic relationship would have served the same purpose as the romantic one. As well the mystery of Chloe wasn't very mysterious, there was plenty of clues to determine the truth of the situation from very early on. I appreciate that the author went into how cruel high school can be and the devastating effects it can have on people, but I think if the focus was on either the First Nations people or the high school cruelty rather than trying to do both it would have flowed much better.

Overall I loved the content but felt that the delivery wasn't everything it could have been. Dec 18, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: native-issues , contemporary-fiction , debut , canadian-author , young-adult. Very uneven. Couldn't decide what genre it wanted to be. Oct 02, Greyson Richter Use Your Words rated it did not like it Shelves: genre-contemporary , dnf , genre-mystery-crime , all-ntbr , read Thank you to Netgalley for providing me an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review. DNF I just can't care about any of the characters or the plot. Sep 17, Alexa rated it did not like it Shelves: arc , review-copies , young-adult.

Which is insane but I've been dreading to write a review because I really didn't enjoy this but wanted too so bad. There was so much potential at the beginning but with each chapter, I enjoyed it less and had problems with something. The Lives of Desperate Girls is a story about a girl discovering racism, and realizing the bigger world outside of her small town and the wrong in her town.

This book is set in the present and past allowing us to read about what happened the year before and why Chloe might have disappeared. While this book revolves around the disappearance of Chloe, the main Character's Jenny best friend, it also revolves around Helen, the found dead girl just outside Thunder Creek, while also being about Jenny's personal and romantic life.

There are many subplots instead of focusing on the most important issues I think the author was trying to shine a light on. There were times I needed more detail about characters to understand why things were being said about them, like calling a side character a hottie but a weirdo without detailing why is difficult to understand. Also, having shared classrooms and schools with classmates from elementary to high school I found it difficult to believe Jenny didn't know anything about some of her classmates in the same grade.

I don't want to include spoilers so I'll be vague. This book talks about rape and rape is a big deal. I didn't feel this book portrayed rape as such a big issues probably because it wanted to focus on indigenous issues. The rapists in this book are portrayed as having raped because they are young and don't know any better. It's said bullies including these rapists would outgrow being awful people. No no no no no no! Young people don't need to read that rape is okay.

Honestly, I think the author was trying to leave the main focus on indigenous issues and if that's the case I don't think rape should have been an issue included in this book, maybe it should have been bullying instead. The book was slow, the characters weren't very strong and there were too many issues brushed upon instead of a few focused on.

Sep 19, Erin rated it it was ok. View my reviews at www. Set in the northern Ontario winter, this chapter details the discovery of a body covered in a dusting of pre-dawn snow. It read so honestly and vibrantly that I was sure that the rest of the book would keep pace. Sadly, I was mistaken. I really have got to stop forming opinions so early on. The way in which the story was told, however, really made this book hard to truly love. Overall, the narrative was exceptionally inconsistent. While there were some really compelling pieces, there were also these large segments of perfunctory and utilitarian text that were just… clunky.

For each one, there was a purpose… It was just that the purpose could have been accomplished so much more eloquently. I do acknowledge that not every element within a plot can be narratively compelling. In this case, though, these necessary-though-not-exciting and, TBH, not terribly well written chunks were so weak that they really stood out in contrast to the comparative strength of the more compelling pieces. And it just Near the start of the book, the protagonist details a traumatic experience that set her best friend on a self-destructive path.

This section felt true and honest. Jackson, which we previously awarded 5 out of 5 cocktails. But unlike these other books, the author fails to maintain this believability throughout. For example, later in the book we are supposed to believe that our protagonist just happens to meet the cousin of the native girl who was just found dead as this cousin hitchhikes home at the start of a snow storm.

Possible, yes. Probable, no. Were it just one such occurrence, you could chalk it up to serendipity. But there are only so many instances like this that can take place in the course of a page book while still giving the novel as a whole the ring of truth. And, unfortunately, as the book progresses it only got worse. Despite this shark jumping, I read on. NotAQuitter I kept thinking that, of course, all of these loose ends would come together into something meaningful. Or at least not in any satisfying way. As the book drew to a close, the author started to spell things out. Like, painfully explicitly.

Now, granted, the intended audience for this book is young adults, but even when writing for less experienced, less worldly readers, explicitly telling the them what conclusions they are supposed to draw from the tale you laid out feels like pandering. Ultimately, this book left me wishing that it was something more than it was. The setting was well described and the plot had serious potential, but the author failed to drive home a satisfying read. Jul 13, Haven rated it it was ok Shelves: thrillers-mystery , meh , arc , contemporary-chick-lit , female-mc.

Unfortunately, everything else in the book is glaringly underdeveloped and just uninteresting. It's a fairly poor and underdeveloped area, and there is a very visible divide between the mostly white residents and the nearby Natives. This is seen multiple times throughout the book, specifically with the police completely and utterly favoring Chloe, a white girl, and her missing case, and pushing aside Helen, a native girl, and her murder case. In the midst of other examples, I actually thought Jenny's feelings about the blatant racism in her community were quite realistic and told well, without sounding too preachy.

I didn't know too much about Canada's First Nations and reading about their history and life was interesting, and how they dealt with the Thunder Creek community definitely pulled on your heartstrings yet made you think. The discussion on gender inequality was also well-done, zeroing in on rape and slut-shaming, and the disparities between social class was also talked about in detail.

Most of the Goodreads reviews of this book seemed to mention the clunkiness of the writing, and I definitely have to agree with that. It is frustratingly bland for most of the time, but it does have its moments, specifically while exploring the numerous social issues that this story covers. At those times, the prose is surprisingly relatable, honest, and sophisticated all at once. If only it had been that way throughout. First off, the writing doesn't make it that thrilling for the reader either, it's incredibly unexciting and fails to trigger any sort of anticipation or curiosity.

Secondly, Jenny's motivation to play detective is never, ever put into words properly or even conveyed at all. She gets into all types of dangerous antics to 'solve' Helen's murder and for what? We never know the true motivation behind her actions in general, in fact, everything going on in Jenny's investigation in very vague and directionless.

For all her sleuthing, Jenny doesn't even seem to have direction in mind and often randomly throws guesses at who the killer is, usually people she already knows or has met. Thirdly, Jenny's big secret on Chloe's disappearance.

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Can't say much about that due to spoilers, but y'all can experience that bullshit for yourselves and then get back to me. The characters are clearly the biggest low point in this novel, which is tragic, because even if the mystery part of it fell flat, the novel could have redeemed itself through its characters and contemporary side. Jenny is one of the most inconsistent characters ever.

We never see her true psychological trauma and struggle after Chloe's disappearance and while she does change throughout the book, it's so sudden, unrealistic, and vague. She does have a love interest, Tom, who is equally dull and one-dimensional. They both suddenly decide to 'fall in love' through a few smoke and make-out sessions, and it develops into the most ridiculous romance ever. But, if you came for an intriguing murder mystery, a heartfelt contemporary, or even something remotely fascinating, you can do better than this one.

Oct 13, Vishaka Rajan rated it it was ok. I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I have mixed feelings about this novel because there are a few things that the author does that I like but an equal amount of things that I don't like. I really liked that the author highlighted the problems of the First Nations people of Canada. Not many people are aware of their struggles and the things they have endured - and continue to endure - are heartbreaking.

And the author really does do justice t I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. And the author really does do justice to them: she tells it like it is. I only wish it had been told from the perspective of an actual Native and not just from that of a white teenage girl.

While Jenny is definitely trying to understand and be aware of the oppression and racism that the Aboriginal people face, I don't think she is necessarily the best spokesperson for it since she really isn't a part of their community or culture. I wish there had been more emphasis on the way life is on the reserves and the traditions that the First Nations value, as that would have allowed the reader to see some of the wonderful aspects of their culture.

However, the idea that a Native girl's death is not as important as a Caucasian girl's disappearance was an interesting one and I think the author did a really good job of bringing that to the forefront. I actually found the writing style compelling, even if it was confusing to follow at times what with the various jumps in time that Jenny took; it was hard to tell if something was happening in the present or if it was just a memory. I did not like the love angle that the author tried to force into the situation; it didn't add anything to the novel and it was not well planned or executed.

It was literally just two teenagers hooking up and doing drugs and drinking, none of which screams romance or bonding. I didn't like the incompetence of the cops, and I'm not just referring to their dismissal over the case of Helen. I'm referring to the almost comical way they question and interrogate Jenny over Chloe's disappearance; you would think adults would know how to run an investigation and ask the right questions but clearly, that is not the case in this novel.

The author also takes on another topic: slut-shaming. While I think this is an important topic to discuss, I don't really like Jenny's role in that aspect and I wish the author had made her more I also didn't really like how things were resolved in the novel because, well, it didn't really feel resolved. I understand that not everything can have a happy ending but this just felt messy and unfinished.

Overall, I think the author chose 2 very important topics to center her novel around. While the writing was compelling, the main character's decisions as well as the actual ending of the novel left me disappointed. Aug 15, Ari Augustine rated it it was ok. I desperately tried to like this book. I just Jenny, the main character, lacked emotion. If my best friend went missing, I'd do anything and everything to help. I'd express more emotions - freak out, cry, get angry, something. She stumbles into a strange friendship with a boy, Tom, but even that relationship didn't feel natural.

It felt rushed. Maybe it was supposed to feel rushed given Jenny's emotional state but since I felt little emotion from Jenny, I couldn't figure out how thes I desperately tried to like this book. Maybe it was supposed to feel rushed given Jenny's emotional state but since I felt little emotion from Jenny, I couldn't figure out how these two came to be together and what the purpose of their union was.

For whatever reason, I felt like I was trapped in an inner monologue that went with the motions. I was being told a great deal but not shown. I'd like to say that the Native American aspect was intriguing and I did like the parallel of action Jenny doing her make-up when Helen's body was found but the jumps between past and present were jilting and frequent. Overall: This book raises awareness to issues such as racism and sexual assault but because I wasn't emotionally involved with Jenny, Chloe, Helen, Tom etc , I wasn't drawn in. Jenny frequently acted against the person she led me to believe she was.

The romantic relationship between Jenny and Tom felt shallow and unrealistic. It also felt like another trope: good girl falls for bad boy. It was also strange to me that in the midst of all of this, Jenny wasn't more cautious.

I Love This Series: Desperate Duchesses by Eloisa James, an Introduction

She wasn't afraid. She gets into a vehicle with a complete stranger and thinks nothing of this. And the town doesn't really do anything except question people over the disappearance. No curfews. No rules set. No anxious parents scrambling to protect their kids. According to Jenny, they all get high on weed but that doesn't explain why no one seemed to properly panic. I think this book had a lot of potential but without forging an emotional connection between MC and reader, I think it severely falls short.

Great idea, poor execution, and horribly flat characters. A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Sep 14, Brittany rated it did not like it Shelves: thriller-mystery. Two girls are gone with one missing, possibly dead and the other murdered but the police are focusing on the missing white girl rather than the native young woman that was murdered.

I'm not sure how realistic I found some the events in the book or the memories that people spoke about. Some things seemed to be a bit far-fetched which made them hard to believe. Although, I assumed that the book was set in present day but if it was set sometime in the past it would be more realistic to me. The portions of the book that I enjoyed the most were the moments that were focused on Chloe.

However, they seemed as if they were few and far between so I found it difficult to keep reading. I wanted to delve more into her "secrets" in order to understand her mind set and what happened to her but the book focused more on Jenny and her reactions to everything. I found Jenny to be bland and uninteresting. Her reactions to things seemed blunted to me and her priorities were odd. It seemed like the book didn't have a focus.

There were so many topics that were discussed that it was difficult to pinpoint where my attention was supposed to be. Is it Helen? It began to be confusing not to mention the romance aspect that is focused on quite a bit in the book. Nov 24, Susan rated it it was amazing. This is one of the best written young adult books that I have ever read. Kudos to the author for this.

It is wonderful to read a book written for this audience that does not "dumb down" the language used so that a book becomes "more user friendly to a wider audience. Her best friend, Chloe, comes from a much more affluent background with two parents who This is one of the best written young adult books that I have ever read. Her best friend, Chloe, comes from a much more affluent background with two parents who obviously love her. However, something bad happened to Chloe, as she is missing. Soon after her disappearance, the body of Helen, a teen from the local Native reserve, is found dead in the snow.

As Jenny becomes more and more fascinated by this murder with the aid of her new friends, she discovers just how badly the Natives are treated by those who control the area. This is a wonderfully insightful look at how lives are impacted by the actions of others - especially when issues of bullying, consent, race and crime are involved. It is a story of understanding and hope, one where things can change, if only incrementally.

I recommend this book for both teens and adults because of the quality of the writing and timely insights. Everything didn't get neatly tied up at the end. The story follows a girl named Jenny, who's best friend Chole goes missing. But, Jenny knows more than she's telling the police.

A local First Nations girl named Helen is found brutally murdered soon after. Jenny soon realizes that the local police are more concerned with C "Real life wasn't like a mystery novel. Jenny soon realizes that the local police are more concerned with Chole's disappearance than they are with Helen's murder. So, she takes it upon herself to investigate with the help of a newfound friend. The story covers the triggering topics of racism, bullying, sexual assault, depression, grief, and suicide.

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    The price of her art skyrockets, and she, the silent patient, is hidden away from the tabloids and spotlight at the Grove, a secure forensic unit in North London. Theo Faber is a criminal psychotherapist who has waited a long time for the opportunity to work with Alicia. His determination to get her to talk and unravel the mystery of why she shot her husband takes him down a twisting path into his own motivations—a search for the truth that threatens to consume him Michaelides has crafted a totally original, spellbinding psychological mystery so quirky, so unique that it should have its own genre.

    The next audiobook of psychological suspense and obsession from the authors of the blockbuster bestseller The Wife Between Us. Seeking women ages 18—32 to participate in a study on ethics and morality. Generous compensation. Anonymity guaranteed. When Jessica Farris signs up for a psychology study conducted by the mysterious Dr. But as the questions grow more and more intense and invasive and the sessions become outings where Jess is told what to wear and how to act, she begins to feel as though Dr.

    Caught in a web of deceit and jealousy, Jess quickly learns that some obsessions can be deadly. From the authors of the blockbuster bestseller The Wife Between Us comes an electrifying new audiobook about doubt, passion, and just how much you can trust someone. Readers will enjoy the dizzying back-and-forth as they attempt to figure out just who to root for and as the suspense ratchets up to one hell of a conclusion.

    With its perfidious turns, this escapist entertainment is a fine example of the 21st century's more cynical version of the O. Henry ending. When you listen to this audiobook, you will make many assumptions. You will assume you are listening to a story about a jealous ex-wife. You will assume she is obsessed with her replacement — a beautiful, younger woman who is about to marry the man they both love.

    You will assume you know the anatomy of this tangled love triangle. Assume nothing. Twisted and deliciously chilling, The Wife Between Us exposes the secret complexities of an enviable marriage - and the dangerous truths we ignore in the name of love. Add in assumptions that should not be assumed, shape-shifting, surprising characters and a complex chronology, and you have a hint of what you'll find in The Wife Between Us All will be made clear, or perhaps not, as you listen to Julia Whelan's tautly paced performance.

    Paris's Behind Closed Doors and Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl will love the skewed psychology and shifting perspectives in this domestic thriller. This one will keep you guessing. A gripping plot and fascinating characters; this book will keep you turning the pages and guessing until the very end. A must-read! One hundred thousand years ago, at least six different species of humans inhabited Earth. Yet today there is only one—homo sapiens. What happened to the others? And what may happen to us? Most books about the history of humanity pursue either a historical or a biological approach, but Dr.

    Yuval Noah Harari breaks the mold with this highly original book that begins about 70, years ago with the appearance of modern cognition. From examining the role evolving humans have played in the global ecosystem to charting the rise of empires, Sapiens integrates history and science to reconsider accepted narratives, connect past developments with contemporary concerns, and examine specific events within the context of larger ideas. Harari also compels us to look ahead, because over the last few decades humans have begun to bend laws of natural selection that have governed life for the past four billion years.

    We are acquiring the ability to design not only the world around us, but also ourselves. Where is this leading us, and what do we want to become? Was an advanced civilization lost to history in the global cataclysm that ended the last Ice Age? Graham Hancock, the internationally bestselling author, has made it his life's work to find out--and in America Before, he draws on the latest archaeological and DNA evidence to bring his quest to a stunning conclusion. But new discoveries have radically reshaped this long-established picture and we know now that the Americas were first peopled more than , years ago--many tens of thousands of years before human settlements became established elsewhere.

    Hancock's research takes us on a series of journeys and encounters with the scientists responsible for the recent extraordinary breakthroughs. In the process, from the Mississippi Valley to the Amazon rainforest, he reveals that ancient "New World" cultures share a legacy of advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated spiritual beliefs with supposedly unconnected "Old World" cultures.

    Have archaeologists focused for too long only on the "Old World" in their search for the origins of civilization while failing to consider the revolutionary possibility that those origins might in fact be found in the "New World"? America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization is the culmination of everything that millions of readers have loved in Hancock's body of work over the past decades, namely a mind-dilating exploration of the mysteries of the past, amazing archaeological discoveries and profound implications for how we lead our lives today.

    When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get close to him. For all the trappings of success—his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, his loving family—Grey is a man tormented by demons and consumed by the need to control. This book is intended for mature audiences. Best friends and social media stars Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach are admired for their curiosity, humor, bravado, and fearlessness.

    But that self-confidence came from their willingness to take big risks—being open to try something new or unusual, even if they failed spectacularly in the attempt. To be our best selves, we have to challenge ourselves. In dedicating ourselves to embracing fear, foolishness, and embarrassment, we can learn to recognize the ways in which we often hold ourselves back.

    Throughout, Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach open the doors to the past, showing their fans how four nerdy, timid, self-conscious boys grew up into four super-hot-mega-babes secure in their insecurities. It is completely compelling and utterly revolting. But everything changed the night magic disappeared. Aside from a compelling plot and a strong-willed heroine as the protagonist, the book deals with larger themes, like race and power, that are being discussed in real time. Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Renowned five-time TED Talk speaker and author Julian Treasure reveals how to speak so that people listen-and how to listen so that people feel heard.

    As this leading sound expert demonstrates via interviews with world-class speakers, professional performers, and CEOs at the tops of their fields, the secret lies in developing simple habits that can transform our communication skills, the quality of our relationships, and our impact in the world. Julian Treasure offers an inspiring vision for a sonorous world of effective speaking, listening, and understanding. Communication skills, secrets, and tips discussed in this book include-how to make sound work for you to improve well-being and happiness; why listening matters and how listening and speaking affect one another; the power of your vocal toolbox and how to build your speaking power; how to plan and structure content so you always hit the bull's-eye; exercises and methods to achieve clarity and impact; and how to deliver like a professional speaker to win over any audience.

    May Britain is at war, Winston Churchill has unexpectedly been promoted to Prime Minister, the horrors of Blitzkreig witness one western European Democracy fall after another in rapid succession. Facing this horror, with pen in hand and typist-secretary at the ready, Churchill wonders what words could capture the public mood when the invasion of Britain seems mere hours away.

    It is this fascinating period that Anthony McCarten captures in this deeply researched and wonderfully written new book, The Darkest Hour. A day-by-day and often hour-by-hour narrative of this crucial moment in history provides a revisionist look at Churchill—a man plagued by doubt through those turbulent weeks—but who emerged having made himself into the iconic, lionized figure we remember. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Arrivals. See more. Abby Wambach.

    The Cutting Season: A Novel. Attica Locke. Sarah Silverman. Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped. Russell Brand. James Allen. A Good Marriage. Stephen King. This horrifying discovery, rendered with bristling intensity, could be the end of what Darcy though was a good marriage…. The Little Book of Mindfulness: 10 minutes a day to less stress, more peace. Patrizia Collard. Mindfulness is such a great way to live life to the full.

    Take my advice, buy it now and you will wonder how you ever managed without it! I love this little book! Lovely little calming book. It has fast become the slow way to manage the modern world - without chanting mantras or setting aside hours of time for meditation. Dr Patrizia Collard will show you how to bring simple 5- and minute practices into your day in order to free yourself from stress and, ultimately, find more peace in your life.

    This audiobook will set you and your family on the road of mindfulness so you can lead a more mindful, peaceful and relaxed life. Find long-lasting happiness with The Little Book of Mindfulness! Being in the Now 2. Accept and Respond 3. Making Your Mind Up 4. Simply Be 5.

    Mindful Eating 6. Gratitude and Compassion 7. Everyday Mindfulness Dr Patrizia Collard is a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, stress management consultant and lecturer in psychotherapy at the University of East London. Dr Collard's wide range of approaches and methodologies includes mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy, core energy management, existential therapy, drama therapy, yoga and meditation, relaxation, and self-hypnosis.

    Dr Collard lives in South London. Deepak Chopra. Steve Harvey. James Patterson. A 1 New York Times Bestseller! Two bodies arrived at the morgue--one was still breathing. A woman checks into a hotel room and entertains a man who is not her husband. A shooter blows away the lover and wounds the millionairess, leaving her for dead. Is it the perfect case for the Women's Murder Club--or just the most twisted?

    Top-selling audiobooks. The Art of War. Sun Tzu. Thus, when able to attack, we must seem unable. Hold out bait to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is quick to anger, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. Read widely in the east since its appearance 2, years ago, The Art of War first came to the West with a French Jesuit in It has been studied by generals from Napoleon to Rommel, and it is still required reading in most military academies of the world.

    Although it was meant to be a practical guide to warfare in the age of chariots, many corporate and government leaders have successfully applied its lessons to battles in the modern dog-eat-dog world. Sun Tzu covers all aspects of war in his time, from strategy and tactics to the proper use of terrain and spies. In this version, Sun Tzu's lessons are brought to life with commentaries from ancient Chinese history, which illustrate both the philosophy and the principles of his teachings. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction. P Lovecraft. The Nameless City The Festival The Colour Out of Space The Call of Cthulhu The Dunwich Horror The Whisperer in Darkness The Dreams in the Witch House The Haunter of the Dark The Shadow Over Innsmouth The Shadow Out of Time At the Mountains of Madness The Case of Charles Dexter Ward Azathoth Beyond the Wall of Sleep Cool Air Dagon Ex Oblivione From Beyond He Herbert West-Reanimator Hypnos In the Vault Memory Nyarlathotep Pickman's Model The Book The Cats of Ulthar The Descendant The Doom That Came to Sarnath The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath The Evil Clergyman The Horror at Red Hook